Get Up and Go Kayaking is thrilled to announce..

Get Up and Go Kayaking is thrilled to announce..


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November 2018- Get Up and Go Kayaking is thrilled to announce they have sold their first three franchises to join the Get Up and Go Kayak System!


Get Up and Go Kayaking was founded by Justin Buzzi in the summer of 2016.  For over two years he has worked tirelessly to create a sustainable and profitable business model. 

After quickly identifying the demand for clear water guided tours, Get Up and Go Kayaking’s business model found continued success by focusing on providing a one of a kind business filled with excitement. 

Since 2016 Get Up and Go Kayaking has grown from a part-time job into a steadily growing business with a recognizable and marketable brand.  Buzzi achieved this by repeating the process that he committed to always improve.

Regardless of your experience level, Get Up and Go Kayaking caters to thrill seekers and outdoor lovers alike. Their one of a kind guided tours will heighten your excitement while awakening the nature lover in you.  You can kayak down the beautiful crystal-clear waters of Florida with their experienced tour guides.  The tour is a perfect way to explore with your friends and family. This truly unique experience has seen past employees become successful franchise owners.  Right now, Get Up and Go Kayaking is looking to expand their franchise locations in Florida.

The franchise model is simple with easy training provided by Buzzi himself.  For information about franchise opportunities visit


Meet Tia Lumpkin!

Tia Lumpkin is a previous marketing and customer service specialist for our flagship locations! Since, she has now taken over ownership of our amazing Winter Park sunset location and newly added glow-in-the-dark tours! 

If you’ve seen some of our viral videos online, you’ve already seen Tia in action!

She’s huge on adventure so she fits right in! Tia is a graduate from UCF-Rosen specializing in Hospitality and Event Management.


Meet the Crystal River Owner

Austin Adkins is the proud owner of the new Crystal River location.  After earning a degree in Business Management, Austin began his career with Get Up and Go Kayaking as a tour guide.  By combining his love for the outdoors and his keen business skills he enjoys running the day to day operations of the Crystal River location

In addition to his adventure-seeking nature, Austin enjoys spending his time with his guests on the river.  When he is not kayaking you’re likely to find Austin sneaking in a round of golf in his free time as well.

For more information on the Crystal River location visit


About the Rainbow Springs Owners

Originally from Illinois, co-owner Sam Heimgartner spends the majority of her time outdoors.  Sam is a naturally passionate person and loves learning about her guest’s stories.  From all over the world Sam shares her own travel adventures with her guests.


Sam studied International Business from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville while completing a minor in German.  Any free time Sam can get she loves being at the beach.  Whether she is scuba diving, snorkeling, or surfing she loves interacting with friends who share her passion for the water.  Don’t be afraid to share your amazing travel stories while you take one of her guided tours.


Mario Simauchi is originally from Miami, FL but has been an Orlando resident for the past 6 years.  Before partnering with Sam with Get Up and Go Kayaking, Mario completed a minor in Asian Studies as well as earned his Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from Rollins College.  While in school Mario focused his education toward Global Brand Management and Franchising.  Now Mario is one of the proud owners of the Rainbow Springs location.  He is dedicated to improving their location by combining his educational background with his skills and mindset of a true entrepreneur. 


One thing Mario enjoys almost as much as the outdoors is playing pickup soccer games and traveling.   He believes experiencing different cultures through travel is one of the best educations you can give yourself.  If you didn’t know this, but Mario can understand 5 different foreign languages!  Don’t hesitate to say hello to Mario in any language, chances are he can understand you! 


For more information about the Rainbow Springs location visit


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