55 PLUS Fitness Franchise Launch

55 PLUS Fitness Franchise Launch

55 PLUS fitness Center is launching a franchise system as part of its national expansion plan.  The model is the brainchild of a family-owned and operated leadership team with deep experience in the senior services market who have provided services tailored for seniors for years.  The realization came after looking into the fitness market and realizing that there were no options for seniors who in most cases didn’t feel comfortable working out in traditional gyms who’s member base was primarily made up of younger demographics.   

All About 55 PLUS Fitness Center

The fitness center and gym model:

·      Integrates peer socialization with health and fitness

·      Targets mainly the Coed Active Adults demographic that’s still untapped

·      Targets the most affluent and fastest growing market segment of seniors

·      Features fitness, equipment, and nutrition programs specially designed for those aged 55 years and older.

55 PLUS fitness has transformed the lives of many for the better through all-inclusive fitness and nutrition programs. The fitness center offers body analysis consultations, expert personal trainers, support networks, and nutrition coaching to achieve results. 

The Health and Fitness Industry

The fitness franchise industry is benefitting from the increased need for people to live healthier lifestyles. As seniors from the age of 55 and older take more responsibility for their well-being, they’re spending money on staying fit and healthy. Spending on a gym membership and generally wellness experiences are becoming the preferable indulgence in this demographic. For fitness franchises, this translates into extra income as clients see spending on health and fitness as a worthy investment. 

According to the IHRSA, adults aged 55 years and above visit health clubs more than any other demographic. 25% of health club members in the US market comprises adults over the age of 55. This is according to a research carried out by the American Sports Data. The firm has labeled this market as the fastest growing segment of the fitness membership since 1998. 

In the US alone, there is an enormous population of adults who are over the age of 55 and the number grows significantly every year. And until now, they did not have a proper fitness center tailored for their specific needs and wants. 

A recent poll revealed that almost 95% of people aged 55 and above prefer working out in the company of their agemates. The same poll also disclosed the number 1 reason the respondents cited for not working out is that they’re not comfortable with the existing health and fitness facilities which do not cater to their wants and needs. 

55 PLUS fitness Franchise Concept

The 55 PLUS fitness franchise is a unique and revolutionary concept that is tapping into the vast and highly profitable senior fitness market.

 So, why should you buy a senior fitness franchise? 

·      Seniors aged 55 and above account for nearly 40% of the adult population in the US and what’s more, they are currently the fastest growing market

·      This demographic spends more on personal and health care more than any other age group

·      Seniors have a spending power of nearly $2 trillion and control more than 70% of the disposable income in the US. 

Benefits of a well-defined Franchise System.

Individuals aged 55 and above have an anti-aging mentality and longer lifespan. With fewer responsibilities and a lot of disposable income, this demographic is willing to spend on keeping themselves healthy for the long-term. By investing in a 55PLUS.fitness franchise, you are seizing a lucrative opportunity that’s only going to grow in leaps and bounds with each passing year. 

The 55PLUS.fitness is a well-established brand that recognized for its superior quality services. As such, you’ll roll with a proven fitness service that’s backed by a solid and successful business plan. 

For more information on the 55 Plus Fitness franchise, visit the franchise site here: https://franchiseconduit.com/franchise/55-plus-fitness-franchise/

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