DC Pizza Delivers Hot New Franchise Opportunity, Expands to New Territory

DC Pizza Delivers Hot New Franchise Opportunity, Expands to New Territory



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DC Pizza Delivers Hot New Franchise Opportunity, Expands to New Territory
Innovative pizza franchise announces new territory in the D.C. area.

Washington, D.C. (November 17, 2020) – DC Pizza, a vibrant pizza restaurant headquartered in the D.C. area, has just sold its first franchise.

The newest franchisees to join the DC Pizza network are Shafin Hossain and Rodney Gregory, who signed for a new territory in October. “I am only advertising in-store as of now,” stated Bob Daly, Owner and Founder of DC Pizza. “We put ‘Now Franchising’ on our boxes and it got the attention of a few of our regular customers right away.”

Gregory and Hossain had been regular DC pizza customers when they found out that the brand was franchising. “These two guys are great customers, they believe in our product, and they understand the brand,” asserted Daly. “We now have two very bright, personable, and friendly people who will be representing DC Pizza in our new franchise location. This first step in our expansion is very exciting.”

The restaurant has been a standout in the market due to its unique assembly line concept. Customers can choose from a variety of toppings, including gluten free and dairy free options. The pizzas bake in unique convection ovens and are completely cooked in about 2 minutes, 15 seconds.

DC Pizza is just getting started on its mission to scale, according to Daly. “We’ve got strong potential for continued expansion in the D.C. area.” stated Daly. “We are looking to have slow, controlled growth, focusing on D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.” He then added, “We are open to other areas with the right franchisees.”

The franchise model consists of location assistance, operational support, marketing guidance, ongoing research and development, and other perks. “For individuals who want a simple-to-operate, recession-proof, concept, this is it,” said Daly.

The brand is looking for business-savvy individuals with a strong work ethic to join the franchise family. Daly explains that restaurant experience helps but isn’t necessary for a DC Pizza franchisee. “A people-person with experience in managing people and customer service is preferable. Someone who is self-motivated and coachable,” Daly said. Interested candidates can visit the DC Pizza franchise website for more information at http://dcpizzafranchise.com.

About DC Pizza and its owners
Owners Bob Daly and Lisa Lakin have worked together since the early 90’s when they were Merry Maids franchisees, then owned a couple of Maid to Please locations. They were “Franchisees of the Year”, for Merry Maids in 1989.

In 2000, they opened California Tortilla in Rockville, MD and in 2004, the first “franchised” location of California Tortilla, in Chinatown, D.C. Their Chinatown location grew, on average, 10% per year for 7 years and was the highest sales volume store in a chain of 35 restaurants.

DC Pizza first launched in Washington, D.C. in 2014. It is a “Chipotle” style pizza place with 33 different ingredients/toppings, where the customer can customize their pizza as it is made in front of them on an assembly line, then cooked in less than 2 ½ minutes… then an additional 12 choices of “finishes” after it is cooked.

The pizza franchise is one of the first concepts that allows visitors to “be their own chef”, building a pizza of their own, gifting visitors with a unique experience each time. A typical Friday lunch would serve 350 customers by 2 PM. (Pre-Covid) to find out more about DC Pizza and their menu, visit http://www.dcpizzaonline.com. To find out more about opening your own DC Pizza franchise, stop by their website at http://dcpizzafranchise.com.


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