BurnRate Fitness Launches Franchise Opportunities

BurnRate Fitness Launches Franchise Opportunities

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BurnRate Fitness Launches Franchise Opportunities


Mebane, NC: BurnRate Fitness is now offering franchise opportunities throughout the Southeastern United States. These opportunities provide entrepreneurs with the chance to operate their own fitness program under the umbrella of the BurnRate brand. Doing so offers a number of benefits to the franchise owner, including training, access to a wide variety of corporate resources, and the use of the recognized BurnRate Fitness brand. The company has grown since its inception to become one of the most recognized brands in the fitness industry through its use of marketing, partnerships, and aggressive approach to business and fitness. 

The company is looking to develop regional and national presences over the next five years by adding 200 new franchise locations across the U.S. These franchises will bring the company’s dedication to excellence, compassion, diversity, and integrity to individuals who are dedicated to reaching their health and fitness goals in a safe and nurturing environment. 

The BurnRate Fitness program is built on the pillars of Attitude, Nutrition, Fitness, Coaching, and Accountability. This program is designed to provide a holistic approach that leads to optimal health and longevity. Franchises will offer nutritional assistance, exercise and movement programs such as yoga, nutrient supplementation counseling, and coaching that provides instruction on exercising and wellness as well as accountability. 

Each franchise will employ certified trainers who will lead members in various classes and activities. Each member will work with their coach to design a 30-day wellness plan to meet their specific needs and will re-evaluate this plan as those needs change.  

The signature core BURN class incorporates individual wellness goals and are designed by the trainer to provide an optimal workout. This class includes cardio, strength, and plyometric training. Each exercise can be modified for those who have specific injuries or other health concerns that may make certain movements difficult. These 50-minute classes can provide everything from weight loss and maintenance to strength building and rehabilitation.

BurnRate Fitness programs can be designed for the beginner, the expert, and anyone in between. A franchise owner will work with BurnRate experts to implement these classes and attract both the professionals to teach them and clientele. 




BurnRate Fitness was formed in May 2018 by Matt and Ronie Eguren with the goal of offering individually tailored plans for nutrition and fitness success. BurnRate Fitness currently operates in Mebane, North Carolina. More information on the fitness franchise can be found at www.myburnrate.com .

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