Baked Goes Big with Franchising

Baked Goes Big with Franchising

Baked Goes Big with Franchising

Baked Cookies and Dough is a brand located in West Chester, Pennsylvania that was founded out of a combination of good business practice and just wanting to have fun. The business is now expanding to new territories and markets through a cookie dough franchise platform that aims to duplicate the success of the corporate business.  Franchisees need the branding, business systems and operating model that Baked has developed in operating the corporate business.  Baked needs new operators to take advantage of this opportunity, with proven economic potential to expand to new territories. Here’s why you may want to consider taking on this opportunity.  The combination of leveraging brand, buying power and local ownership is a tried and true formula that has worked for decades in food service franchising, now it’s time for Baked. 

How Baked Cookies and Dough Works

The company makes and sells cookie dough that is safe to consume. Staff at the company’s Baked WC location in Pennsylvania makes edible cookie dough from scratch. The products do not contain eggs and other preservatives and are therefore safe to eat. The flour is 100% heat treated to eliminate the risk of disease-causing pathogens from developing.

The dough is made in-house then sold to customers in different locations. Initially, the company only took orders from people within West Chester. However, the franchisor has expanded his business to serve customers across America.

Orders can be made through the phone or through the Tapingo app. Tapingo makes ordering convenient for residents of West Chester. Franchise locations opening in new locations will also have access to this technology amongst others offered by the company to facilitate marketing, accounts, and operations.

The Business Potential and Opportunity

Selling edible cookie dough is a business with great potential. The potential of the business is demonstrated by the success realized by the franchisor when he opened the first location. Generally speaking, a lot of interest has been generated over the last few years with many bakers considering starting their own location.

Baked Cookies and Dough has been able to tap into the potential of the business by offering unique but popular products. Not only does the company sell raw and cooked cookies, but they also sell ice cream, ice cream cones, graham crackers, amongst other customer favorites.

For franchisees looking to start their own location, Baked Cookies and Dough will provide an exclusive territory. The territory is five miles if the business is located in a rural setting, and 3 blocks in cities. Exclusive territories are ideal for new entrepreneurs as they cushion them from competition from other franchisees, and allow them to gain their footing as they continue to serve their loyal customers looking for delicious treats.

Ideal Franchise Owner for Baked

The investment is relatively low for a food service business and can even get lower in retrofit locations or cases where the landlord provides tenant improvements. You can start a franchise with $127,000 and $35,000 one time franchise fee. The initial cost includes fittings, furniture, utilities, training, professional fees, amongst other expenses.

The franchisor is looking for highly organized individuals with great interpersonal skills and able to meet the initial investment requirements. To start your own Baked Cookies and Dough, you should preferably have experience running a business, or a restaurant professional who has some knowledge of the workings of the foodservice industry.

The opportunity is especially viable for people who love gourmet food and have been looking to turn their passion into a profitable venture. With a relatively low investment, the franchisor will present the opportunity to start your own location that is based on the company’s successful model.


For more information on the Baked Franchise marketing system, visit the franchise page:


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