Armor Shield: Year Round Work for Year Round Income

Armor Shield: Year Round Work for Year Round Income

Seasonality can affect businesses. Ice cream shops and pool cleaning in the winter or coffee shops and office supply stores in the summer will experience vast profit shifts and must account for these seasonal downtimes in their annual budget process. Roofing is different. This is a year-round, recession-proof business sure to steadily build a client base and income throughout the year. One affordable roofing franchise is Armor Shield. Since 2001, Armor Shield has been serving the areas surrounding Oakville, Connecticut. The company announced its franchise launch in 2020 and is now offering a seasonal-proof business opportunity for qualified entrepreneurs!

Roofing is profitable within the right model. In 2019, 7.1 million U.S. properties were affected by hail damage[1]. In 2020, more than $3.1 billion was paid out in hail damage claims with an average homeowner claim clocking in around $12K[2]. These numbers are just covering hail and homes. Imagine the possibilities with commercial buildings — note that $85 billion was spent in construction for commercial buildings in 2019[3]. The market is there and growing exponentially, not even slowed by the pandemic. Armor Shield’s point of differentiation amongst its competitors is its proven insurance claims tactics. Franchisees benefit from Founder Scott Tearman’s insurance experience and can expect to directly reap from the damage that weather events sow.

Scalability is a significant aspect to any franchise opportunity. Through the convenient area of primary responsibility structure, Armor Shield franchisees can continue to build their business throughout the years, scaling one technician at a time. This steady growth pattern allows for a franchise owner to not become overwhelmed by operational complexities or short-handed with staff. Instead, the business grows in both reputation and capacity steadily, ultimately providing more stability for the business. One article stated that the roofing industry is expected to grow by .2% each year through 2024[4]. Armor Shield franchisees can scale as the market grows — a perfect combination.

Armor Shield offers its franchisees a package that is complete with everything they need to launch, operate, and sustain their roofing franchise. Beginning with an in-depth training program, franchisees are taught how to leverage the insurance industry to gain more business and essential customer service techniques that keep referrals flowing and customers returning year after year for needed maintenance. Ongoing support and marketing guidance are all included with the franchise. Franchisees can expect Armor Shield as an affordable step into the roofing industry. The franchise fee is $40,000 and the minimum initial investment starts around $128,400.

If you are seeking a business that isn’t affected by seasonality and is both scalable and affordable, an Armor Shield franchise may be the best choice. To learn more about this affordable roofing franchise and to get started, visit

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