You Suck Vapes Franchise Marketing System LIVE

You Suck Vapes Franchise Marketing System LIVE


You Suck Vapes Franchise Marketing System LIVE. 

LAWTON, Oklahoma (July 14, 2018) — You Suck Vapes is looking for franchise partners to distribute its great line of products as part of its target goal of expanding the business operations outside of the state.

“For our franchise partners, they can include their current vape shops under the You Suck Vapes umbrella,” said Ryan Layman, CEO of You Suck Vapes. “We will be offering exclusive territories to our franchisees as one of the key benefits for the initial investors and a full operating system that leverages our years in the business and experience building this brand.”

Ensuring Zero Competition for Maximum Gains

The territory will span at least three miles from the location of the shop, with an estimated minimum population of 50,000 people providing franchisees with a wide market full of opportunity and free from brand cannibalization. 

He said that the franchise partners will undergo a rigorous screening process to guarantee the highest quality for the brand, we want only the best operators who exhibit the traits we believe are core to our brand and our customer experience. 

Among the qualities the company is looking for are:

          Aptitude for strong sales and customer service

          Efficient management capabilities

          High work ethic and standards

          Strong sense of integrity

          Willingness to go the extra mile for excellent service

Vaping Franchise Investment Opportunity

The franchise fee requirement for You Suck Vapes is pegged at $35,000. Mr. Layman said that the initial investment can be as low as $87,000 including the franchise fee.

Those with current vape shops, however, can drastically cut overhead because a good chunk of the investment will go to the fixtures, equipment, and furniture.

True to the vision of the company to always follow the highest standards, he said that their franchise partners will not be left alone to manage their business. The advantage of being included in the You Suck Vape umbrella is they get the benefit of a profitable business model, wide inventory, and recognizable brand.

What Do you Get for the You Suck Vapes Franchise Marketing System?

Franchise partners will receive operational and marketing support. They will also be guided in the supply and delivery chain. You Suck Vapes will provide accounting and auditing support, as well as legal services. They also won’t have to spend a dime on research and development since the company continues to develop new brands and improve on old products to ensure that its customers will only get the highest quality vapes and vaping accessories. 


For more information on the You Suck Vapes Franchise System, visit the franchise page here:


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