What Makes for a Great Franchise Investment?

What Makes for a Great Franchise Investment?

What Makes for a Great Franchise Investment?

There are so many incredible businesses and great franchises on the market, how do you even begin to find the best franchise?  Franchise Marketing Systems is a franchise consulting firm who works with emerging franchises and helps people evaluate franchise investments.  Chris Conner started FMS in 2009 with a vision to support new franchise growth and innovation in franchising.

In 2009, the franchise market was in turmoil much like the entire world in the midst of a global recession.  Mr. Conner realized that given the market circumstances, availability of capital for new businesses and overall spending trends, only certain franchises could succeed and made sense as good investments.  

Conner and Franchise Marketing Systems has success in disaster restoration franchises, medical franchises and others that were generally lower initial investments and had recession resistant service offerings.  

As the market improved overall and the economy got its feet under itself, the franchise market also transitioned.  Conner and Franchise Marketing Systems then began to see growth trends in food service, construction and luxury service franchises.  What constituted a great franchise investment switched gears from what was the focus in 2009-2011.  

In answering the eternal question of “what’s the best franchise investment on the market?” The answer changes depending on the year, the franchise investor and the capital available.  Conner’s advice, start with a personal evaluation and determine what your value proposition is to the market and where you can best leverage your skill set.  Then look at the numbers, what do you have and what businesses are possibilities considering your capital available.  Be brutally honest and realistic to avoid heartache and wasted time in getting excited about businesses that aren’t a real possibility.  Then look at the consumer trends, ultimately any franchise’s success will depend on the consumer’s willingness to buy more of the products or services. Do the research and the strong franchise investments will begin to pop their head up.  

Regardless of what your skill set might be or capital available for a new business, there most likely is a franchise that could be a good investment for you.  Do the research, due diligence and take time before you make a decision and the right franchise will make sense.  For more information on how to choose the right franchise, contact Franchise Marketing Systems:

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