Vortex Makes Martial Arts Available to Anyone

Vortex Makes Martial Arts Available to Anyone

Announcing the Vortex Youth Sports Center Franchise Model.

Vortex Youth Sports Center is a new franchise brand that provides an alternative to childcare in after-school and summer camp markets through martial arts training. The franchise provides a profitable opportunity in the child care and child fitness niche and truly makes martial arts accessible and understandable for kids and families who may have shied away from the trade in the past. The sports center is ideal for children below age 12, who are active and love to have fun.


Vortex aims to use this program for character development and leadership training. We have an exclusive curriculum that is designed to help children achieve these objectives. Our program also includes martial arts, dance, and gymnastics.  The franchise comes with a complete business model that has a good potential for meeting your ROI. We provide support and training to ensure our partners are running their business professionally. Vortex has a sound operating model that has been proven to work and partners should be confident that they will be working with a profitable model.


The initial investment has been designed to make this children’s services franchise accessible to anyone interested in the business with a required is between $34,350 and $109,800. Vortex sports center would like to find individuals that are willing to join and want to make a difference in their community. The ideal candidate should be an outgoing person with strong interpersonal skills. The candidate will get a chance to benefit from our program by gaining experience in daycare, gymnastics, martial arts, and dance. The program was designed to be safe and fun. It teaches kids self-defense skills which helps them to deal with bullies besides building self-confidence and life skills.


If you have a passion for children, family and serving your community, Vortex would like to have you on their team. We believe in giving people the chance to live their passion. People who are passionate about kids and the community and who happen to have an entrepreneurial spirit are bound to be successful through the Vortex Program, it is important to note that no prior martial arts experience is required as it is martial arts BASED, and NOT martial arts. That is precisely why Vortex is looking for these individuals.


The Vortex Youth Sports Center franchise believes in “Service above Self”. We believe in serving the communities we belong to with zeal and passion. The franchise presents a unique opportunity for our future partners to start a business that will also give them a chance to play a role in building their local communities.  Franchise owners will benefit from our strong business model that has a proven ROI. Our unique model it teachable to others and you’ll also gain from our support training. We believe in maintaining the highest level of integrity and commitment for our clients. Additionally, our model is sound and is designed to be adapted nationally.


Anyone who aspires to be a franchise owner and ought to have strong interpersonal skills, experience with management and motivated is are a great fit for Vortex. High personal standards, integrity, and loves to work with kids, are also some of the qualities that would be ideal for anyone looking to start the Vortex Youth Sports Center franchise.


With the Vortex model, you have the opportunity to dominate an after school and summer camp daycare market, for school aged children 5 and above, without the red tape, fees, and government oversight of becoming a licensed daycare. Also, because of the outstanding Vortex systems for child development, we can really change children’s lives in a positive way because we have so many more tools available to us that the daycares do not.   At Vortex, we believe that a career should not always be pegged on profitability. Passion and purpose should also be part of the equation. Vortex hopes to attract partners who are passionate, motivated, and have a strong desire to succeed.


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