Value of The GoLocal Franchise Offering

Value of The GoLocal Franchise Offering


Value of The GoLocal Franchise Offering

Investing in a GoLocal franchise is investing in the future of marketing and business development.  Starting a business period will no doubt be life-changing, what makes the transition to entrepreneurship even more exciting is when you are on the cutting edge of innovation and forward thinking market strategy.. It is an exceptionally designed and perfectly executed franchise model based on technology that has years of experience, time and money behind it.


Below are some of the reasons why you should be a part of GoLocal’s franchise offering.

Investment Range and Financing Made Easier

To begin, Lenders are more comfortable financing a franchise investment and with an SBA approved franchise system, the initial capital needed to open a franchise business is simpler and easier to attain. This is because a franchise is an established business with a proven track record. Banks see successful franchises as low risks with minimal chances of defaulting. They are therefore more inclined to approve these kinds of loans.  Second to this, the GoLocal franchise can be operated from a home office location and requires very little capital to start the franchise business. 

Work is Simplified and Streamlined by Technology

The well-designed GoLocal franchise marketing system will eliminate the need of too much hard work like identifying a good territory, getting a location, lease negotiation, finding trust-worthy and reliable contractors, establishing relationships with vendors among other things.  The model is simple and with an incredibly effective technology platform, the franchise marketing system is essentially push button.  Once you are ready to start marketing, you load your contacts and follow the system. 

Training and Support With Results in Mind.

GoLocal will ensure that they provide you with adequate and comprehensive training for you and your staff even before you open your franchise. Both onsite and online training is available. They will train you on how to run the business. Continuous training to keep you updated on the best practices is available at their GoLocal Marketing Academy. They will also help you avoid common mistakes that new, independent business owners face. Moreover, they will ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Ongoing Support and Guidance.

When you buy a GoLocal franchise, you will have their full support. You can be confident knowing they will offer ongoing support. If you have any queries or questions, all you need to do is consult and the professional team at the franchise will offer you all the assistance you need accordingly.

Speed of growth and Scalability.

As an entrepreneur, you may have developed a product that is in line with the product offering at GoLocal. Truth be told, no matter how innovative your concept is, someone else might beat you at marketing. The problem with a single unit is time. Franchising is your best bet at ensuring that you get market leadership before your rivals encroach on your space. A franchise will allow you to compete on the same level with bigger competition.

Proven Technology Marketing System

When you invest in a GoLocal franchise, you buy an entire system of conducting business. The franchise has a working proven system that eliminates the errors and guesswork that a new business owner faces.

Home Based Franchise

When you invest in a GoLocal franchise, you get the chance to work from the comfort of your own house if you choose to. This will minimize overhead costs that you might have otherwise incurred from owning a physical location.

Increased Buying Power

Franchises have the ability to save a lot by purchasing supplies as well as products in bulk. They are also in a position to negotiate favorable advertising rates on a local and international level through the power of bulk buying. While many small-scale individually owned businesses would never think of conducting some marketing campaigns, franchises are better placed in doing so based on their strength of numbers. The end result is more customers for the business which is essentially every business’s goal.


For more information on the GoLocal Franchise Marketing System, visit the franchise site:


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