TrueServe Franchise System Launch

TrueServe Franchise System Launch

TrueServe Franchise System Launch

TrueServe’s leadership team has been in the business of process serving for close to 3 decades now. Led by founder and process serving industry expert, Scott Levine, And other Professionals with years of experience in the field.

A process serving business is more than just a mere courier service. It requires processes that are fast and reliable and sensitive to prevailing laws and regulations. Thanks to Scott’s experience in the industry, the company built efficient management processes that could guarantee speed and consistency.

Now the franchisor is turning the Technology and business model that worked for 3 decades into one that you can capitalize on as a franchisee. Here are some of the reasons you should consider starting a process serving business under the reputable TrueServe Brand.

Benefits to Franchisees and a  Marketing System that Works.

Franchisees can tap into a business model that has been tweaked for franchise locations across the United States. The system includes business operational, marketing and accounting support.

  • Initial Training at Your Location: TrueServe will send staff to your site to help you get started with your business.
  • Business and Marketing Support: The franchisor has tweaked the process serving business model that has worked for 3 decades. When you open your franchise location, you’ll receive assistance on how to run your location to get the best ROI. This includes strategies on how to net clients by applying proven marketing strategies that have worked for this industry.
  • Operational Support: As soon as you open your business, professionals from TrueServe will assist you in getting things running. These professionals will provide information and training on how to run a process serving business and run services such as electronic filings, skip tracing, and document retrieval.
  • Tech Systems: In order to ensure that its processes are effective, the franchisor has over the years invested in building efficient technology systems. As a franchisor, you’ll get the opportunity to tap into these tools and processes and gain an edge over the competition.
  • Finance and Accounting: Finance and accounting are part of TrueServe’s commitment to providing franchisees with the necessary business support to make their businesses successful. It includes tools and processes that are part of the highly effective TrueServe’s process serving the franchise model.
  • Low Investment Cost: Interested investors can tap into the franchisor’s brand and proven process serving business model without breaking the bank. You can start your own TrueServe location for on average $85,000. This is inclusive of working capital, start-up costs, initial franchise fees, software and equipment amongst other expenses. 

Franchisees Qualifications

In order for a process serving franchise business to be effective, it must be run by fast-paced, effective and professional managers. TrueServe is looking for people who can think on their feet, are honest and have integrity. Training on tools and systems will be provided to ensure franchisees hit the ground running soon after opening their location. TrueServe provides a great opportunity for investors who want to earn an income while pursuing their dream of running a successful process serving the business.  

For more information on the TrueServe franchise marketing system offering, visit the franchise site here:


Disclaimer: *Some training, while included in franchise fees will be provided by a 3rd party
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