Tips on How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Franchise

Tips on How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Franchise

Tips on How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Franchise


What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a website designed specifically for social networking in the business community. Basically, you register, put your information on it, and it shows your professional information to anyone on the site. People can search for you and you can search for others. Did you also know that you can use LinkedIn to build your franchise development?

LinkedIn is very important to the sale of franchises. LinkedIn contributed to forty percent of franchise sales according to the 2014 Franchise Development Report. With the internet being so vastly used by almost everyone, it is only obvious that it would have a large sales impact in the business world.

Here are some tips on how to build your franchise:


It is important to know your competition in the business world because you need to why people like them, what they are doing to make people like them, and what they have to offer. You can search for them on LinkedIn to get a better idea of this. It will even help you understand what they are doing to help them situate themselves towards your target audience. While looking at their LinkedIn account, you can take pictures, notes, print out their page, etc.

Impressive Profiles

Make the most out of your profile! When filling out your LinkedIn profile, include everything and make sure you word it in an interesting way to compel anyone who views it. Include all awards, achievements, organizations you have worked for and anything else that will make you stand out from your competition.

Post Updates

Continually update all information. Regularly post informing and educating information about your franchise. Write about good reviews of your franchise, your market expansion, different location openings, charity events, and anything else to give your brand a great look.

Outlook for the Future

Know your prospects and review information on your prospective buyers. The more you know them and the more you know about them, will only strengthen your franchises future business opportunities.

Go Premium

Upgrade to premium. With LinkedIn, upgrading to premium gives you more access to other people’s personal profile information, as well as what is called InMail messaging. This lets you message anyone on LinkedIn whether they are in connection with you or not. This is a great way to build your franchise because you are getting to learn more personal things about people and it allows you to build a closer relationship with competitors and prospects.

With these tips given, hopefully, you have more knowledge on not only how to use LinkedIn but also how to build your franchise through it. It is a great opportunity for all business people to connect with each other.


Alan George

Vice President

Franchise Marketing Systems

[email protected]

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