The Koi Sushi Bar Franchise Program

The Koi Sushi Bar Franchise Program

The Koi Sushi Bar Franchise Program

Koi Sushi Bar is a restaurant that offers a wide array of meals prepared in the Japanese Cuisine concept. The sushi bar, which has been in operation for a long time in Athens, is ready to expand operations into other parts of the world through a franchise program. 

After successfully opening and operating 12 branches in selected parts of Athens, Koi Sushi Bar is ready for the world. The story of the restaurant is based on the traditional way of preparing sushi. Over 100 years ago, this delicious meal was prepared and enjoyed on the streets all over Japan. As the world got to learn about it, sushi became what it is now: a meal enjoyed in high-end restaurants. Koi Sushi Bar is bringing back the tradition.

Growing the KOI Sushi Brand

The first Koi Sushi restaurant opened in Athens became such a hit that the other 11 were born in quick succession. The success of the brand is accredited to the high quality of food, a wide variety of sushi and other food items that are well-loved worldwide, excellent service, and reasonable prices.

The management of the restaurant has made Koi a household name through listening to customers and making changes where needed to stay competitive. Some of the extensive work done here is establishing the ideal food cost that would run the restaurant successfully while keeping the prices of food reasonable and the business profitable.

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Why Join the KOI Sushi Network?

You may already know that the hospitality industry is not the easiest one to break into. It takes years to build a brand and even longer to keep your market share. Joining an already established network eliminates the guesswork as someone has already done the legwork. It also reduces the risk of the investment by a significant margin.

Investment and Location in a Winning Sushi Franchise Brand

The franchisee will be provided with all the support they need to run the franchise successfully. The first thing that the company is doing to ensure fair competition is by spacing the franchises so that each has its market share without fighting with a similar establishment a few blocks away. The primary source of income for Koi Sushi Bar is from food and drink sales, which is why location and exclusivity matter.

The initial investment will include training costs at the new joint and the fee of acquiring the brand name.  The education will include preparation of the all the items on the menu, the brand’s operations, how to make the new franchise successful, and all the standard controls under which every branch under the name operate.

Future Support And Guidance for Starting your Own Sushi Restaurant Franchise

All training will be conducted from the headquarters in Athens. The mandate for the trainees will be laid out in the franchise agreement. The trainees will be taught everything that their counterparts at the head office know so that they can duplicate it in the new sushi bar.

Support is not limited to the time of setting up, but throughout the business’ life. This partnership is a long-term commitment, and so the new franchise will be part of the larger family.


For more information on the KOI Sushi Franchise, visit the corporate site for additional information:




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