The Hop Knot Opens Up for Franchisees

The Hop Knot Opens Up for Franchisees


The Hop Knot Opens Up for Franchisees


The Hop Knot is finally opening up new opportunities for new and upcoming entrepreneurs to turn their capital into a lucrative business. As one of the top names in the bar industry, Hop Knot’s franchising offer is going to be a great deal for those looking for a new venture as they are already an established brand. Hop Knot isn’t just offering their name and recipes for a franchise as they are also serving up a few sweet deals too.

The gate has finally opened for those who aspire to team up with The Hop Knot to revolutionize the experience of hanging out in bars. Connecticut’s leading gourmet pretzel and craft beer bar is expanding and is now looking for franchisees who want to bring more twists for bar-goers.

For those who want to franchise with the brand, future franchisees can choose between starting a new business with them or they can convert their previous bar or restaurant into a new Hop Knot branch. Franchising with Hop Knot would only cost franchisees for as low of an initial investment of $175k.   


A Food Service Franchise Full of Opportunity.


For less than $200,000, franchisees can start a new business that will surely be loved by many. On top of that, pairing up with Connecticut’s first gourmet pretzel and craft beer bar includes an all-out support for their new business partners. By hopping in the team, they would get a purchasing and operational support, great for those who need more understanding in making the business grow. Franchisees would also get a support in marketing the new Hop Knot branch. The legal and accounting support will also be provided when one franchise with them. Apart from that, franchisees will get to have on-going research and development support.

Once a franchisee joins the team, the support doesn’t just stop there. At Hop Knot, they have a strong support system and they will continue in giving franchisees a helping hand with various pieces of training. Aside from the initial training programs before and during the first few weeks of operations that they will provide, every franchisee will also be trained for two times a year and a Hop Knot support staff member would also visit franchisees once in a while for added training sessions to make sure that no one gets left behind.


Is The Hop Knot Franchise Right For You?


Connecticut’s leading gourmet pretzel and craft beer bar are looking for anyone who can and is interested in helping them expand.  Yes, anyone is welcome as long as they have a strong sales ability and knows how to give the best customer service. They are also on the lookout for those who have excellent standards in the field and are willing to commit to providing excellent service.

If you are the one that they are looking for or if you want to know more about joining their team, call (860) 680-4105 or (860) 803-7712 and look for Mike or John. You could also reach out to them via email at [email protected] or check out their website at


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