Souley Vegan Sells First Franchise in Nashville, Tennessee

Souley Vegan Sells First Franchise in Nashville, Tennessee


Souley Vegan Sells First Franchise in Nashville, Tennessee 

Nashville, here comes Veganism, the Souley Vegan Way!  The vegan market is growing in demand as more people are opting for a healthier lifestyle and see vegan diets as a healthier alternative. At the forefront of the vegan movement are companies like Souley Vegan that provides amazing food without the guilt. Just recently, the company had big news for people as its expansion means good things for vegans worldwide. Now, we can expect to see more of Souley Vegan as the company just made its first franchise sale recently and is opening up a Souley Vegan in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Vegans should rejoice as a Souley Vegan’s offerings could begin hitting various areas in the United States soon. The company recently expanded with its first franchise sale and the next branch could open in the following months. What makes it more exciting is the fact that the vegan movement is gaining more traction and other people could become interested in partnering with Souley Vegan too.

The next Souley Vegan franchise is expected to open at Nashville Tennessee in the coming months under the ownership of Scott and Jessica Revey.  The Revey’s are incredible people who embody what the Souley Vegan culture and way of life is all about, living healthy, wanting the best and willing to work hard to get it.  Souley Vegan is so proud to have Scott and Jessica Revey join the family and further the vision of changing the vegan market across the United States and the world.   People are very excited about the established vegan food distributor to reach new grounds. Hopefully, this marks the beginning of a successful 2018 as the company’s offerings reach a whole new market of people.

To be a part of Souley Vegan’s growing family, the total investment needed ranges from $199,900 to $290,500. While it is a pretty hefty sum, a Souley Vegan branch is always expected to have high returns on investments because of the growing demand for vegan food nationwide. With the company offering some of the most delicious vegan offerings in the market, it should be no surprise that people keep coming back for more.

The restaurant and food catering business is always lucrative. As people’s hunger for delicious food grows, restaurants are always there to satisfy their empty stomachs. Now, if we add that to the health benefits of eating vegan food, then businesses like Souley Vegan should be nothing short of a success and those who are looking into the food business should really try out a franchise with the company.

By getting into the company’s growing family, franchisers will be entitled to authentic creole dishes made with nothing but vegetables. The very delicious and nutritious offering will be a hit among vegans and it could possibly even draw the attention of non-vegans who are looking to try something new and unique.

Souley Vegan not only looks into the industry as a way to make money. It also cares for its customers deeply. Tamearra Dyson, Souley Vegan owner’s love and passion for cooking are amazing. As per her words:

“I wanted to provide a place that welcomes everyone to come and enjoy the experience we provide that takes them away from the day to day stresses that life can sometimes present. Good music and good feelings that are centered on our Louisiana Creole style vegan food. This is not a trend for me, what I do is how I live and I love to make people happy, that’s my joy”

 Becoming a part of this growing brand should be a lucrative business for many but most importantly, becoming a part of Souley Vegan also means caring for the well-being of people everywhere.


For more information on the Souley Vegan brand, visit he corporate site:



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