Smoosh: Branching out Through Franchising

Smoosh: Branching out Through Franchising

Smoosh: Branching out Through Franchising

Smoosh, headquartered in Texas, specializes in cookies, ice cream, milkshakes, and sundaes and has been in operation for a while now. The organization started as a hobby that has now turned into a fully-fledged business catering to all with a sweet tooth. The founder developed the love for baking at an early age and decided to share their love for freshly baked goods with the world.

Since inception, Smoosh has remained dedicated to high quality and the expansion of its operations to other locations. Recipes passed on for generations have been refined to make them much-loved today and a favorite on dinner tables all over the state. After catering to Texas, the management of Smoosh saw it best to spread the brand to other localities through franchising.

What Makes Smoosh Stand Out

Unique Baked Products

While Smoosh is not the only shop selling ice cream and cookies, it stands out for the quality of its goods. The cookies are freshly baked and unique in their flavors, making them an instant hit with residents. The variety caters to even those who may not want their cookies too sweet.

Cookie sandwiches are not the kind of thing you see every day, which is why they have become favorites wherever Smoosh pitches a tent. Customers get two differently flavored cookies to go with three different flavors of ice cream. The cookies and ice cream are not only good-looking, but they are super tasty too.

Unique Business Model

Texas has been a wild success for the brand and the management thinks it’s time to expand to other zones. The winning business model ensures that products made by Smoosh are unique with recipes passed down from the founder’s grandmother and only the highest quality ingredients. Smoosh also stays at the top of its game by coming up with innovative products all the time.

Centralized and Visible Locations

Smoosh secures central locations so that every store is within reach by consumers and in an area not crowded by similar businesses. This ensures that each store gets its fair share of clients without too much competition. The stores are beautifully branded, which in itself creates awareness and curiosity.

Focused and Gentle Customer Care

The staff at Smoosh knows that the client is king and so they treat them with all the dignity they deserve. They are a happy, young lot and anyone who walks into the store is greeted with a smile and an eagerness to help. They are proud of the brand they promote, which is why they give it their all.

Smoosh Franchise Opportunity

Starting a shop from scratch is not an easy task, and you are not guaranteed of success. Smoosh is already established and wishes to expand its operations by allowing likeminded entrepreneurs to buy into its established business model. The franchisee will receive training to enable them to adopt the same standards as the original Smoosh and get established in their new location.

All locations for franchise are well scouted in advance to ensure healthy competition. Interested entrepreneurs are encouraged to visit the Smoosh Ice Cream Cookie franchise page:


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