Sankranti, the First-ever Indian Quick-service Restaurant in the Mainstream, adds New Franchise Location

Sankranti, the First-ever Indian Quick-service Restaurant in the Mainstream, adds New Franchise Location

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Sankranti, the first-ever Indian quick-service restaurant in the mainstream, adds new franchise location

One-of-a-kind franchise opens in a new location and aims to bring in a diverse array of customers.


Atlanta, Georgia- Sankranti, an upscale Indian restaurant chain, just announced three fast casual franchise locations sold in the greater Atlanta area.

Despite launching their franchise opportunity during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sankranti has successfully sold 3 franchises, all within the Metro Atlanta area. The Sankranti concept is one-of-a-kind, being the first and only Indian fast casual concept to launch in North America. The franchise opportunity allows for a franchisee to utilize a streamlined model and benefit from ongoing support.

Sankranti was started by Srinivas & Kavitha Nimmagadda. “I am extremely happy about spreading Indian food into the mainstream so that it is more widely known, “ stated Nimmagadda. “I believe I can do so through Sankranti.”

According to Nimmagadda, Sankranti’s franchise locations will push official opening until 2021.

Nimmagadda has a background in the restaurant business and has been building the Sankranti legacy for 2 years. Being Indian himself, Nimmagadda recalls the inspiration that first sparked the creation of Sankranti. “I wanted to share the amazing cuisine to a wider range of customers,” stated Nimmagadda.. “Although there are many Indian restaurants in North America, I believe that Sankranti is different due to our robust target markets and our core infrastructure.”

Nimmagadda and the Sankranti brand are striving to make Indian food readily accessible to the American mainstream. “I  want Sankranti’s customers to be diversified, so that different people will have the opportunity to try the rich flavors that Indian food has to offer.”

Through this unique concept, Sankranti aims to become the name associated with all Indian food in North America, and finally put Indian food on the radar of food enthusiasts in the U.S.

Another aspect of Sankranti is its consistent recipes throughout all of their franchises. This is a harder task with Indian food due to the way the food is prepared, but Nimmagadda stated that he wanted to make sure “Sankranti is to Indian food what Chipotle is to Mexican food” and is willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

When it comes to the goals of Sankranti, Nimmagadda wants Sankranti to be the largest national Indian food chain in America. Nimmagadda is planning on selling more franchises to make this goal a reality. For more information on how you can become a Sankranti franchisee, you can go to

About Sankranti

Sankranti is a unique Indian fast-casual food restaurant that aims to get a more racially diverse range of customers to expand their reach. They offer a variety of different Indian foods to satisfy all preferences of customers and can be ordered through a plethora of brands such as uber eats, grubhub, and doordash. For more information on Sankranti and how you can become a franchisee, please visit 


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