Quick Ship Delivery Franchise

Quick Ship Delivery Franchise


Quick Ship Delivery Franchise

Quick Ship Delivery is an advanced courier service based in Columbus, Ohio, and serves cities and suburbs such as Tennessee, Michigan, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, amongst other markets. The digital age has seen demands for better courier services. Caleb Hawkins and Micah Middleton saw the opportunity to provide differentiated professional service in the face of an increasingly competitive market.

The Shipping and Transportation Franchise

One of its strengths is the range of services it can provide consumers. The options include same day and next day delivery service, warehousing, and retail, as well as scheduling services that can have packages delivered at a predefined time. The objective of the business is to provide service that can guarantee safety and security and take away complex logistical tasks so that the client can focus on the core business.

The franchise, therefore, provides multiple income streams. The company has been growing its fleet of vehicles to expand and be in a position to provide the level of service that clients expect. Caleb Hawkins and Micah Middleton have worked on a franchise model, based on their success in offering courier services to customers in Ohio and surrounding areas. The model has been fine-tuned to run smoothly and provide the best returns for the franchisees.

Training and Support that Builds Successful Franchisees

To expand the concepts to new regions, the franchisor is looking for franchisees who can raise the initial investment and meet the minimum qualifications. Franchise partners will be provided with training and support in all areas relevant to the business.

There will be an initial training held at the company’s headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. The initial training will be provided by staff who have been instrumental in making Quick Ship Delivery a success. The franchisor will also provide training on the operating model that has brought the business to where it is today and which has been fine-tuned to be replicated in new territories across America.

Franchisors can also expect to get operational support on an ongoing basis. Staff from the headquarters will be visiting your site to provide support in areas such as customer service, technical support, marketing, recruitment, amongst other areas. Franchise partners will also get data and information from the research and development department. This department’s objective is to improve business processes and maximize the potential for business for both the franchisor and the franchisees. The information is provided on an ongoing basis to keep your business competitive in an ever-changing market.

Profitable and Sustainable Business

Quick Ship Delivery has expanded to new territories in the last few years and continues to remain profitable. The objective of the business venture is to provide better-differentiated services that provide superior differentiated services to its clients. This also provides multiple income streams for franchise partners looking to start their own courier service.

Quick Ship Delivery is looking to develop the brand into a nationwide private courier service. The franchisor is looking for 51 new franchise partners who can take advantage of the untapped territories to start their own successful business. The shipping franchise has a relatively low initial cost of investment and a great potential for profit.  With the increasing demand for shipping and transporting products with e-commerce and other means of market development, there is more need now than ever for a brand that people can trust like Quick Ship. 


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