Poke Burri Opens New Sushi Franchise Location in Raleigh, NC

Poke Burri Opens New Sushi Franchise Location in Raleigh, NC

Poke Burri Opens New Sushi Franchise Location in Raleigh, NC

Poke Burri is one of the unique places to grab a bite and has become popular with patrons thanks to its excellent service, great ambiance and distinctive dining experience. The first Poke Burri location was in East Atlanta Village inside the global grub collective. The business is expanding its franchise and now a new location has just opened in Raleigh, NC.  The Franchise is owned by an experienced, professional group of Raleigh-based investors who bring incredible value to the growing sushi franchise. 


Todd Vance :

Formerly a 22 year vet of Walmart Corporation in their Supply Chain Division handling supply chain responsibilities on the eastern seaboard.  Todd had a passion to go into business for himself by opening his first restaurant.  He was looking for a concept that was trendy and not readily available in the marketplace.  He found his dream in Poke Burri and looks forward to bringing more locations to the Triangle and markets beyond.

Kadek Widhana :

Kadek has spent most of his adult life traveling and working as a Sushi Chef in many places around the country.  His 24 years of working in the industry had taken him many places, but when he and his family settled to the Raleigh market 7 years ago they decided to make the area their home.  He wanted to bring something different to the area and continue to service the many customers he has come to call friends.  

Brett Hollifield:

Brett has spent the last 21 years of his career working with startups in several industries including International Freight Forwarding and B2B Software. This will be his first venture into the restaurant industry.  He was drawn to Poke Burri due to their unique and quality food offerings which include Poke bowls, Sushi Donuts, and Sushi Burritos. Brett believes strongly in the Poke Burri brand and looks forward to helping them grow their franchise throughout the US.

Brett, Todd, and Agus are very excited about joining the Poke Burri franchise.  When we first started looking into Poke Burri and discussing the opportunity with Seven and Ken we could quickly see that what they had started in a humble little shop in East Atlanta was going to quickly grow into a successful national franchise.  The uniqueness of this Poke shop comes from their creative dishes and their determination to provide quality food.  This belief was immediately backed up by actual consumers when we first opened our doors and heard the rave reviews from our customers.  We have exceeded our expectations so far and look forward to opening more in the area.

New Location, New Market and Exciting Potential

The first location was opened in Atlanta by founders Seven Chan and Ken Yu in late 2016. According to Seven Chan, they opted for the EAV location due to its urban feel and the activities taking place around the global grub collective. The new location in Raleigh will be in Falls Village which is opposite North Ridge Country Club off Falls of Neuse Road. The center is a 200,000 square foot shopping complex and Poke Burri is conveniently located next to Raleighwood Cinema and Grill. 

Incredible Service and Insane Experiences.

Service is one of the key reasons why Poke Burri has become so popular barely two years after opening its first location. The staff is friendly and attentive. Ken has a restaurant background and Seven has a lot of marketing and business experience. They both understand the value of great customer service and have managed to create a cult-like following as a result.

The interior has an urban feel with a trendy atmosphere. The restaurant has a very cool ambiance. You can pick from the wide selection of menu items or build your own dish from the list of ingredients provided. To order follow the instructions on the menu items, and if you need to build your own dish, all you need to do is to place a mark on the menu.

A Menu that Makes a Difference.

In its new location in Raleigh, NC, Poke Burri remains true to its commitment to provide an innovative style. The restaurant has been described as a blend of traditional poke and your favorite late-night burrito joint. The food is made from fresh ingredients and patrons can expect to enjoy food full of flavor.

On the menu, there are five poke bowl options to choose from. For a generous serving, you can go for the “Super” Poke Bowl – $15. It contains spiced tuna, salmon, crab salad, fresh lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, avocado, beets, radish, and pickled ginger. The other Poke Bowl options are fresh tuna or salmon, tangy crab and shrimp, or shrimp tempura super crunch each for $12. You can have your poke bowl with the delicious in-house spicy mayo sauce.

You also have starters and burrito rolls to choose from on the menu. Burrito Rolls are between $10 or $11. For starters, you can choose crab salad crunch $6, which is crab salad with radish sprouts, cucumber, tempura flakes, with in-house spicy mayo and eel sauce.

Poke Burri has received positive reviews since it opened its first location in 2016 on online platforms like Yelp and also a number of media outlets in Atlanta. The new location in Raleigh is part of the founder’s vision to expand the franchise into new locations across America. The Raleigh location already has very positive reviews after opening in May 2018.


For more information on this incredible poke franchise, visit the corporate site:


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