Pie in the Sky Co. Franchise

Pie in the Sky Co. Franchise

Pie in the Sky Co. Franchise 

Pie in the Sky Co was founded by Marlene Stubler 10 years ago. The founder had been working for more than two decades at her parent’s convenient store where she learned a lot about running a business. She found her passion in baking, making sweets, and packaging them for customers.

Pie in the Sky Co serves a wide variety of foods like classics but with a modern twist. There are menu items for sumptuous lunches and dinner where you can enjoy your meal with friends and family. After working for a decade to build a successful eatery, the founder has designed a sound model that can be replicated in other locations across the nation.

The Pie in Sky Franchise Business

The eatery prepares cakes and pies every day for customers. There is also a diverse menu of food items ideal for lunch and dinner. There is also a casserole and catering service where you can order sandwiches, casseroles, cookies, and pies for your office parties or just to enjoy at home with family.

The first shop will serve as a blueprint for other franchisee locations. The business model is designed to offer the highest return on investment while reducing overheads. It provides several income streams such as selling pies to customers walking into the restaurant, as well as other sources of income such as orders and catering.

The franchise fee is $30,000 and the initial investment required can be expected to be between $163,000 and $324,000, with the franchisor estimating the average to be around $244,000. This includes virtually everything you need to start your first location, from the acquisition of real estate and equipment to training from the franchisor. 

Pie Support and Training

Even though someone with experience running a similar eatery is ideal, the franchisor is willing to provide training and support to any franchisees that are passionate about starting their own Pie in the Sky Co. If you are outgoing, motivated, have good interpersonal and sales skills, the franchisor is willing to help franchisees succeed by providing training in the following areas.

• Pie Marketing Support: You will get marketing support that will show you how to get customers and build relationships to ensure the smooth running of the business.

• Pie Operational Support: Learn how Pie in the Sky Co has been making fresh cakes and pies every day for the last ten years and how to mitigate risks so that you can provide the highest level of service to your customers.

• Pie Legal Support: The franchisor will assist you with all the legal matters related to starting your own franchise location and any legal matters that may arise in the course of running your location.

• Pie Accounting and Auditing: Support for all auditing and accounting matters.

• Pie Training: Initial training will be provided from the franchisor location. Further training will commence upon opening your franchise to help you get started.

Opening Your Location

The franchisor is currently focusing on helping franchisees open their franchise in Texas, but is still open to other locations countrywide. You can expect to open your first location in 3 months or less after signing your agreement with Pie in the Sky Co.

For more information on the Pie in the Sky franchise – https://franchiseconduit.com/franchise/pie-sky-pie-co-franchise/

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