OddFellows Ice Cream Franchise Hits the Market

OddFellows Ice Cream Franchise Hits the Market


OddFellows is a small-batch ice cream company born in Brooklyn in 2013 and has been setting the frozen dessert world ablaze with its unbridled creativity and flavor innovation. With a portfolio boasting over 500 unique ice cream flavors, including imaginative twists on classics, we have captured the hearts and palates of dessert enthusiasts. Leaping over our original roots, OddFellows is embarking on an exciting journey to bring their extraordinary ice cream experience to a wider audience through a nationwide franchise launch.


The OddFellows Origin Story

In the heart of Brooklyn, OddFellows Ice Cream remains a modest ice cream shop with an uncommon ambition – to redefine the world of ice cream. Founded by Sam Mason, Mohan, and Holiday Kumar, this small-batch ice cream parlor has become a local sensation. Our commitment to crafting unique, small-batch flavors with top-quality ingredients is the hallmark of our brand.


The Art of Flavor Creation

OddFellows’ journey to franchise success is paved with the pavement of creativity. Our dedication to crafting innovative and tantalizing flavors sets us apart. The vast flavor repertoire seems limitless, from sweet corn blueberry to miso cherry. Every scoop is an invitation to an adventure for the taste buds.


Reimagining the Classics

While OddFellows thrives on pushing the boundaries of flavor, we still remember the classics. Our expert pastry chef has taken time-honored favorites like chocolate and vanilla and elevated them to new heights. The result? Classics that are far from ordinary, delivering a nostalgia-infused experience with a contemporary twist.


The Franchise Dream

Our journey from a single Brooklyn storefront to a nationwide franchise launch is a testament to Odd Fellow’s passion and commitment to creating exceptional ice cream. The decision to expand through franchising is a strategic move that allows us to share our unique ice cream creations with even more people.


The Choose-Your-Own Ice Cream Pack

One of the cornerstones of OddFellows’ franchise offering is the “Choose-Your-Own Ice Cream Pack.” This delightful option lets customers across the United States curate their ice cream adventure by selecting 5 to 6 flavors from our extensive menu, which is then shipped directly to their doorstep. It’s an exciting way to experience the brand’s signature flavors without visiting a physical store.


The Franchisee Experience

Becoming a franchisee offers a unique opportunity for those looking to be a part of the OddFellows family. OddFellows provides comprehensive support to franchisees, including training, marketing assistance, and access to their treasure trove of recipes. This ensures that each franchise maintains the same commitment to quality and creativity that defines the brand.


Nationwide Expansion

Our franchise expansion isn’t limited to Brooklyn; it’s a nationwide endeavor. The goal is to bring the brand’s artisanal ice cream to every corner of the United States so everyone can experience the magic of OddFellows. From bustling cities to serene suburbs, OddFellows is on a mission to make extraordinary ice cream accessible to all.


A Sweet Future Ahead

As we set our sights on the future, the possibilities are as boundless as our flavor offerings. We are poised to become a household name in the ice cream industry with our commitment to creativity, quality, and customer delight. From scoops to pints, their franchise journey is set to deliver sweet success nationwide.


Why Invest in an OddFellows Franchise?

In the competitive and ever-evolving ice cream space, franchising with an established brand like OddFellows can be a game-changer. Here’s the significance of partnering with us on your business journey.


Instant Credibility and Trust

Franchising with a well-established ice cream brand instantly lends credibility and trust to your business. OddFellows’ reputation for quality and creativity is powerful, drawing customers who associate the name with exceptional ice cream experiences.


Access to Proven Business Models

Established brands like OddFellows have honed their business models over years of experience. Franchisees benefit from tried-and-true operational strategies, reducing the risks of starting a new venture.


Marketing Muscle

Marketing is a critical aspect of any business. Partnering with a brand with a strong marketing presence means access to effective advertising campaigns, promotional materials, and a loyal customer base. This helps franchisees attract customers more efficiently.


Ongoing Support and Innovation

Franchising with OddFellows also guarantees ongoing support and a commitment to innovation. We continue to develop new flavors and techniques, ensuring franchisees stay competitive and can offer the latest trends to their customers.


Scooping Up Joy Nationwide

OddFellows Ice Cream franchise launch marks an exciting new chapter in their journey. From our humble beginning in Brooklyn to our expansion across the United States, we remain committed to creativity and innovation, and exceptional ice cream remains unwavering. As they continue to scoop up joy and redefine the ice cream experience, OddFellows is a name that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on dessert enthusiasts nationwide. Contact us today and kick-start your business ownership journey the right way.


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