Montessori League Academy: This Investment Makes Sense

Montessori League Academy: This Investment Makes Sense

Montessori League Academy: This Investment Makes Sense

The Montessori League Academy Franchise is now open to people who are looking for a lucrative opportunity in the early education business. The franchise is based on the Montessori philosophy that emphasizes on following the child’s natural path to learning and development. It adopts an Ivy league curriculum structure which is based on the idea that the child’s mind is formed in early childhood.  What is of particular excitement when it comes to Montessori, there really isn’t any one brand out there that is leading the way in the franchise market, making the opportunity for Montessori League really significant. 


Investment and Qualifications

The investment required to start a Montessori pre-school franchise ranges from $350,000 to $750,000. For investors who are keen on starting with the home based model the cost will be approximately between $50,000 and $70,000. The franchise royalty is 6.75%. Other pre-school franchises have costs ranging from $1.2 million and $2.5 million. Therefore the franchise has a relatively inexpensive starting cost when compared to other top pre-school franchises.

The qualifications and competencies required for an individual who seeks to be a franchisee are also quite reasonable. The basic requirement is that you need to have a high school diploma especially if you are going to be running the school as the principal. You also need to have a genuine interest in children, their education and their development.


Home based Versus Full Commercial Center

The Montessori League franchise has opportunities in two main categories; the home based model, and the retail business model. The full commercial center is a more expensive investment as it requires more resources to run. For example, the furniture, fixtures and equipment is almost 5 times higher for the full commercial center compared to the home based system.

A home based system may be ideal for investors who have premises and are on a budget. If you already have your own preschool you can convert it into a Montessori League Academy if the requirements for space and security can be met.



The franchise provides support for investors who would like to start their own Montessori League Academy. The franchise will assist you when it comes to operations, marketing, and accounting. The support comes in the form of guidance as well as resources such as software applications.


You will get training prior to opening the first Montessori League Academy. You will be required to visit their headquarters – with an extra person if you wish – to get the training you need. You’ll be guided on how to get employees, how to market your business and find clients as well as learn the various aspects related to the operation of the business. You’re only required to pay your travel expenses as the cost of training is covered.

You will also be provided with software applications that will help in the smooth running of the business. The franchise will provide specially designed finance software that will help track your finances. If you are not very good with the technical side of things, you’ll be able to access to our technical support in case you encounter technical glitches or are unable to understand the software. The franchise is based on a reputable education system and provides high quality support for the would be franchisees.


For more information on the Montessori franchise model, visit the franchise site here:


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