Marketing and Selling Your Service More Effectively

Marketing and Selling Your Service More Effectively

Business Marketing and Selling

Building a marketing plan for your personal business is the best way for you to see more new clients come in on a regular basis and understand where to spend your marketing dollars most efficiently. Without marketing your business, how else will people know that you offer the services and products that you do? Making sure that you’re marketing and selling your services effectively is key in turning traffic on your site to the actual sales at the end of the day. Here are a few ways you can market your company to make sure that traffic becomes customers.


One of the largest ways to market your product or service is on the internet. You need to have a solid website where clients looking for your type of service can find you. SEO, or search engine optimization, can help you to draw more clients to your site. When you post on your website it’s important to post about relevant topics that people are searching for. Be sure that your website, social media presence and every place that you’re on the web presents the same image. Do some research on what keyword searches are used for your type of business and make sure you have those on your site to help you move up in the search ranks.

Tradeshows and Print Marketing

This is another great aspect of marketing that you can utilize. Be sure that you find out what type of tradeshows are in your area. Try to stick to the ones where your service or product is needed to help you get the word out on what you do. Be sure that all of your print marketing and internet marketing align with your brand image and logo. Have someone help you to design the image that you want your brand to portray. This will help others know that when they see that image, they know it’s you they are working with.

Creating the Best Message

Don’t just try to sell, sell, sell! You do not want to be like the loud car salesman on the television ad. Think about what message you want to portray to your clients and future clients. Offer them services they need and can use. Give them a good honest portrayal of the services or products you can help them with on a daily basis. You want to come across as someone they can trust and that they can work with on a regular basis. Think about popular brands you use already and take what you gain from their messages to input into your own.

Understanding Sales Models and Converting Traffic to Business

Be sure to research and understand your sales model. You want to know what you’re portraying to your customer and how you convert those visits to your site to actual clients that stick around. A few tips you should remember is to keep your website to the basics. Try not to get too complicated as a slow loading website will cause potential clients to move away from your site. Be sure to keep contact information on the site in plain view. Include an about us webpage to make sure you share about yourself with your clients. Offer them an opportunity to opt-in to your newsletter or email updates. All of these tricks of the trade can help you to turn traffic into paying clients.

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