Ked’s Launches Franchise Opportunity

Ked’s Launches Franchise Opportunity


Ked’s Launches Franchise Opportunity

Ked’s Artisan Ice Cream & Treats has long been a favorite stop for those in Plano and Carrollton, Texas. Now, ice cream lovers around the country can enjoy the amazing tastes of the treats offered by Ked’s through franchises. This ice cream has been listed among the best in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and founder Hussain Kedwaii is ready for his frozen treats to take the country by storm.


About Ked’s Artisan Ice Cream and Treats Franchise

Kedwaii originally launched the first Ked’s Ice Cream in 2009 in Plano after a career in food services. Ked’s offers over 50 different flavors, all of which are homemade using natural ingredients. In addition to many of the regular flavors such as cookies and cream, vanilla, and chocolate, Ked’s has fun and unique flavors like almond and date avalanche, chai tea for me, fig, lychee, Oolong, Thai coffee, and pineapple Honduran. They also offer seasonal favorites like Nana’s pumpkin pie, gingerbread man, and Texas praline. In addition to ice cream, patrons can purchase amazing custom made cakes along with waffles, sweet or savory crepes, faloodas, and kulfis.


Why Franchise with Ked’s?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to open a Ked’s franchise and should consider the dessert food service segment. The company may be new to franchising, but it’s poised to expand quickly. It’s also a very strong brand in the DFW area, and franchises will be able to take advantage of the marketing strategies that were used to establish the brand.

Ked’s has a very high potential return on investment. The broad selection of products and menu items, low cost structure and streamlined operating model create an incredible financial opportunity for the dessert food service franchise. The company’s structure and business model provide the strategies and goals needed to grow into any market.

Another reason to open a Ked’s franchise is the support. The company’s management team will provide every new franchisee with the training needed to understand not only how to operate their own business but also now to operate a Ked’s specifically. They will then provide as much support as needed, answering questions and providing help whenever the franchise owner needs it.

The company’s unique flavors of ice cream, especially their international flavors, put them ahead of many other competitors. Few offer the wide range of ice cream flavors that Ked’s does. This will allow a Ked’s franchise to establish itself as something different, not merely another ice cream business.

If you’re interested in learning more about a Ked’s franchise, check out our website. Then send us a message and we’ll get the conversation started.


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