Kayla’s Italian Ice – Franchise Launch

Kayla’s Italian Ice – Franchise Launch

The passion for handcrafted Italian Ice cream is unique, and we offer interested, business-minded individuals an opportunity to step into this lucrative industry. Take a scoop of the billion-dollar snack and dessert industry with a supportive team by your side throughout the lifespan of the venture. Kayla’s Italian Ice was conceptualized in 2018 when Yvonne Bostic and her daughter Kayla got together and were inspired to do something great together, .  , but the idea started nearly fifty years back in 1976, and we aim to spread the delicious, refreshing staple treat to your area. If you choose to franchise with us, you are guaranteed a proven business model that allows you to tap into the booming industry. Kayla’s Italian Ice is a brand built on plenty of smiles and a firm foundation, which are vital factors to consider when starting a business.

In 2017, the ice cream market was estimated to reach over $15 billion, and Italian Ice is the trend that will set you apart from the competition. Since we opened our business, we’ve delivered fun flavors and smiles to every event, from birthdays and corporate events to church functions and school rallies. This has allowed us to develop the procedures, products, and systems that set you up for a significant return on investment (ROI). Kayla’s Italian Ice is more than just an ice cream brand; our dedication to providing quality customer service and ice beyond delicious makes us a part of every smile.

Our goal has always been to provide our customers with an out-of-this-world ice experience with fun and fantastic flavors like Aqualicious, Green Fart, and Fruitty, among many others. We can help guarantee your client base the same quality and customer service level through continued support across vital aspects of the business. If you want to turn your passion for Italian Ice into a lucrative, income-generating venture, Kayla’s Italian Ice is the right business partner to make it a reality.

Solid Revenue Streams

As a brand built on customer satisfaction and a solid foundation, we offer prospective franchise partners an opportunity to choose the most suited operation model for their exclusive location. This includes a food truck, storefront, or pushcart, allowing you to choose where to start your business journey. Leverage our experienced support team, expertise, and brand traction to build a successful venture with solid revenue streams. We believe that running an Italian Ice business should be stress-free, and that’s why we provide you with a highly-adaptable and flexible model that can be integrated into any business structure and style. Become part of the success by taking advantage of the solid income generation streams available and support from the professionals.

Step into one of the vastly-growing industries, and watch your investment grow one scoop at a time. Our experience and business expertise have played a significant role in crafting our business model into what it is today: an opportunity for optimal income potential. If you decide to join Kayla’s Italian Ice fraternity, our franchise support team will provide regular updates on the ingredients and techniques to cross-utilize available ingredients without compromising quality.

Suppose you are an Italian Ice enthusiast with a business background and want to build a legacy for yourself, your loved ones, and the community. In that case, we are the ideal business partners to help you turn your dream into reality. Prospective franchisees can expect guidance on crucial aspects of the business that impact growth, ensuring the bottom line is achieved: turning a profit on your investment. Whether you have experience in the snack and dessert industry or enjoy delicious treats, we’ve got the ideal business opportunity.

Why Kayla’s Italian Ice is Right for You

Going into business with the right partner can differentiate between failure and success. One of the reasons why we are the preferred business to invest with is that we provide a well-structured model that aligns with your vision and goals. Since 2018, we have proven that passion, dedication, discipline, and quality customer experience can lead to success, and we are offering you a chance to become part of the success. The ice cream industry is one of the fastest-growing today, with billions of dollars generated every year, and owning Kayla’s Italian Ice gives you a piece of the market share.

As the country resumes normalcy after the coronavirus pandemic, industry laws and regulations have changed to address safety concerns. As a recognized brand that deals with snacks and desserts, we’ve customized our business model to help you maneuver the industry without legal infringements and subsequent fines and penalties. When you become part of the team, our team of experts provides support in team training, development, and research, among other critical aspects that impact growth and success.

The ice cream industry is quite profitable, and we can help you get the most out of your investment with our tried and tested business model. We also provide support for vendor connection, marketing tools, and guidance to set you up for success and smooth business ownership.

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