Kahwa Coffee Franchise History

Kahwa Coffee Franchise History


The Kahwa Coffee brand has a rich history that dates back to its founding in 2006 by Raphael and Sarah Perrier in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Perrier’s, both of whom had a passion for coffee, set out to create a unique coffee experience that would set them apart in the industry.

Here is a timeline highlighting the key milestones in the history of the Kahwa Coffee brand:


2006: Kahwa Coffee is Born Raphael and Sarah Perrier open the first Kahwa Coffee shop in St. Petersburg, Florida. The name “Kahwa” is derived from the Arabic word for coffee, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality coffee.


2008: Expansion Begins Kahwa Coffee gains popularity and starts expanding its presence in the Tampa Bay area. The brand’s reputation for high-quality coffee and exceptional customer service attracts a loyal following.


2013: Wholesale and Distribution Recognizing the demand for their coffee beyond their own shops, Kahwa Coffee starts its wholesale and distribution operations. The brand begins supplying its freshly roasted coffee beans to other cafes, restaurants, and businesses in the area.


2015: Growth and New Locations Kahwa Coffee opens additional retail locations, expanding its reach beyond St. Petersburg. The brand’s focus on creating a welcoming environment and serving excellent coffee helps it gain a strong foothold in the local market.


2017: Increased Visibility and Awards Kahwa Coffee gains increased visibility and recognition within the industry. The brand receives accolades and awards for its coffee roasting techniques, unique flavor profiles, and commitment to sustainability.


2019: Franchise Opportunities Responding to the growing interest from entrepreneurs and coffee enthusiasts, Kahwa Coffee introduces franchise opportunities. The brand develops a comprehensive franchise program, offering individuals the chance to join the Kahwa Coffee family and bring its coffee experience to new communities.


2020: Expansion Beyond Florida Kahwa Coffee takes its first steps outside of Florida, expanding into new markets and opening franchise locations in different states. The brand’s expansion efforts gain momentum, allowing more coffee lovers to experience Kahwa Coffee’s offerings.


2022:  Kahwa Coffee franchises the brand with the support of FMS Franchise and develops a coffee franchise system that allows the brand to scale into new states with new franchise partners.  Kahwa grows into markets throughout the Southeastern U.S. and Texas through franchising.


Present: Continued Growth and Innovation Kahwa Coffee continues to experience steady growth, opening new locations and expanding its presence in both company-owned and franchise-operated stores. The brand remains committed to providing high-quality coffee, fostering community engagement, and delivering exceptional customer service.


Throughout its history, Kahwa Coffee has built a strong reputation for its commitment to quality, sustainability, and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere for coffee enthusiasts. With a combination of excellent coffee beans, meticulous roasting processes, and a focus on customer satisfaction, Kahwa Coffee has established itself as a prominent player in the coffee industry.


For more information on the Kahwa Coffee brand, visit the corporate site:



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