Impresa Modular Impresses Through New Franchise Launch

Impresa Modular Impresses Through New Franchise Launch


FOR RELEASE ON May 05, 2020                                                                    

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 Impresa Modular

Jim Griffin

Director of Franchise Business Development

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Impresa Modular Impresses Through New Franchise Launch

New Construction Franchise Opportunity from Modular Construction Company


MARTINSBURG, WV (May 05, 2020)– Impresa Modular, an off-site modular construction company based out of West Virginia, announced their franchise launch this month.


Impresa Modular is a disruptive construction entity changing the way builders can approach the business. Entrepreneurs Ken Semler, President and CEO of Impresa Modular and Impresa Modular Franchising, and Jim Griffin, Director of Franchise Business Development, are offering a strategically designed franchise system for those looking to reroute from the traditional path. “The construction industry is shrinking, builders are struggling to find valuable labor,” stated Griffin. “Two groups our franchise system is perfect for is remodelers or builders who want to stay in the industry.”

In addition to accelerating the delivery process for new homes, the innovative Impresa Modular approach boasts several additional benefits ranging from predictive labor costs and reduced material waste to lower carbon emissions and increased worker safety. “This is a business in a box. We give our franchisees everything,” asserted Semler. The construction franchise will be one of the first of its kind, allowing a franchisee to step into a project management role. “Assembly takes place within modern factory turning home construction into precise manufacturing process, virtually eliminating many of the issues typically found with traditional construction,” asserted Griffin. “We avoid the $10,000 mistakes.”

Franchise partners of Impresa Modular will find an impressive background and in-depth business experience from Semler, Griffin, and the entire leadership team. Impresa Modular also promises several other perks to their franchisees including a well-established web presence. “When someone buys into a franchise with Impresa, they instantly rank at the top of the internet in their immediate area,” Semler states.

“The very best piece of all of this…we’ve put together a system that flattens the learning curve,” stated Griffin. “We literally hold the hand of our franchise partners and make them successful through the entire process.”

For more information about the Impresa Modular franchise opportunity, visit their franchise site at

Impresa Modular ( was founded in 2008 to transform the way houses are purchased in America by offering the largest national footprint of any Licensed General Contractor building exclusively with modular construction. Based in Martinsburg, WV, Impresa Modular scales the build process by completely offering and integrating the home selection and purchasing process all on the internet through its dynamic website First to market with exciting news, Impresa Modular has embarked into the world of franchising. Impresa Modular Franchising has been created to grow the modular home construction industry, by offering unique to modular, training, support, and systems designed to create a successful modular home builder out of people from all walks of life. As the labor crunch continues to worsen, Impresa Modular seeks to find new ways to get new people into the modular home construction field.



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