How to Start an LED Lighting Franchise Business

How to Start an LED Lighting Franchise Business

How to Start an LED Lighting Franchise Business. 

Owning a business can seem like a distant dream and many times people avoid taking the leap into business ownership due to fear and uncertainty of how to approach the transition. For many individuals, it seems like a far off reality to be able to own and operate your own business and be in charge of your life. However, that dream can easily become a reality by owning and operating a YES LED franchise. This franchise company offers a great opportunity within their franchise and you can become the next successful YES LED franchise owner and live out your dream today! Learn more about this amazing business and what it has to offer.


How it all Started and why the LED company franchised the Business.

YES LED was founded in 2012 and is a premier lighting company whose primary focus is on being the leading source of LED lighting solutions to homes and businesses in the world. YES LED boasts a wide variety of the best LED lighting products available on the market today and they employ highly trained professionals to run and work in within their companies. They are an enthusiastic and beneficial company to work for, with a business model that is at the top of its class. Learn how YES LED can provide you with the franchise or employment opportunity of your dreams!


The LED Lighting Sales and Service Franchise Model

YES LED will provide an ample amount of training in all areas of the YES LED lighting in order to successfully run a franchise. The training is conducted over a time period of five days and takes place at the YES LED center with a team of LED experts and author Jody Cloud. The training includes a variety of topics and aspects, including some of the following: product information and knowledge, observing and participating in sales calls, LED technical training, interaction with customers, observation of installation processes, marketing process and techniques specific to YES LED products and franchises, tips on how to maximize sales, social media use to promote YES LED, and so much more!

The start-up cost for a YES LED franchise is reasonable, at just $49,995 for a buy-in. This buy-in price includes a value of over $50,000 in YES LED premium quality samples to get you started. You will also receive marketing and start up tools to help maximize costs, as well as full use of YES LED website and the brand name. For this price, the risk is low to get your hands on a franchise that could yield great success for your life! This is because the initial investment is at a lower amount than most franchise prices, which is much more realistic for most individuals looking to get into the business. Also, due to the ability to operate from a smaller location, the risk is lowered as well.

As you can see, starting a franchise with YES LED is nothing short of beneficial for anyone looking to enter into this market or business model. With a quick, easy, low-cost and low risk start-up process, owning your very own YES LED franchise can become a reality! Contact a YES LED representative today to get started and watch all your dreams come true with this fantastic business opportunity!


For more information on the YES LED franchise concept, visit the franchise site:

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