HERO Home Inspections Franchise Launches!

HERO Home Inspections Franchise Launches!

HERO Home Inspections Franchise Launches!

HERO Inspections has just sold its’ first franchise! The first franchise owner of this excellent company is Bill Amirault. Bill is a successful entrepreneur with over 20 years of IT experience and specializes in Enterprise Software. His other accolades include consulting for numerous Fortune 500 companies on their IT strategies, managing a number of pre-sales engineering teams, and shared his knowledge and expertise to many other like-minded individuals by speaking at various tradeshows and providing trainings to companies around the world.


While the majority of Bill’s career has been in the consultative technical guidance realm of the implementation of software technologies, he was looking for something in the area of real estate. That is what brought him to HERO Inspections, where he made the choice to be the first franchise owner of this growing company.


Home Inspection Franchising Opportunities


Franchising with HERO Inspections would be an intelligent business decision for any individual looking to open up their own business. Not only has it proven to be a great success, but it truly provides a beneficial service to the customers they serve. Franchising with HERO is also affordable and easy to get started. The initial cost of a franchise with HERO Inspections is only $35,000. This amount can be paid up front if desired, or HERO offers a nice and simple payment system that makes it easy for the franchisee to feel financially comfortable with. There is an initial payment of $10,000 due at the time of signing and the franchise will be complete. After that, the franchisee can pay the remainder of the $25,000 in payments of $6,250 in six-month increments. For those hesitant to make such a large financial decision, this payment system makes it easy.


Training that Makes You a Viable Home Inspection Business

HERO Inspections prides themselves on their excellent customer service, and they expect the very best from their employees. Therefore, HERO offers sufficient training for all employees, especially home inspectors, in order to uphold their standards of customer service. HERO also provides training to its franchisee’s so that they can learn the company and business model from the inside out and feel fully equipped to take on this new venture.


Anyone who makes the decision to franchise with HERO Inspections will be making a solid investment in his/her future. Bill Amirault decided that the company was a better fit for him in regards to his long-term goals of owning and renting real estate. He knew that HERO was the choice for him after hearing about it from owners Curt and Kloc. Bill instantly knew that his knowledge, talents, and skills could be used in this setting.


If you are looking for a great investment opportunity and want to provide a much-needed service to individuals in your area, consider franchising with HERO Inspections. You can learn more about the company on their website, and find out more about what the franchise opportunity can mean for you and your future. Don’t’ wait any longer to start living your dream of being a successful business owner while helping others make their home-buying dreams come true!


For more information on the Hero Home Inspection Franchise, visit the franchise page:


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