Harlem Zen Franchise Launch

Harlem Zen Franchise Launch


Harlem Zen Franchise Launch

The skincare business has revolutionized the entire franchise industry in the last 10 years with big brands, big chains and duplicatable business systems. The market segment has quickly become popular because of the technological advances that allow it to be more accessible and affordable than ever.

Harlem Zen is unique in the market as the brand is focused and offers incredible value to people of color and specific ethnic groups who really have no options in the beauty market.  With Harlem Zen’s growth and brand development, the company’s leadership is really excited to be launching its franchise model to bring this value proposition to more people in more markets around the United States. Now franchisees have the opportunity to partner with this highly innovative brand for double sales, unlimited profit potential, and success in the fast-growing beauty and aesthetics industry.

About Harlem Zen

Harlem Zen is a top skincare brand in the beauty market segment focusing on people of color.  The products, services and focus is deliver services that fit for people of color and work with specific population segments. Harlem Zen has made a name for itself as an affordable service provider with a proven track record of effectiveness and safety with satisfied clients. 

The founder of Harlem Zen, Angela McTair, realized that there were many people, herself included, who were tired of chronic acne, unwanted wrinkles, and body hair. What’s more, they were even more tired of paying through the nose to get rid of them. 

Using highly advanced laser technology, inflammation-reducing formulas, and cold-pressed organic products, this booming business has been able to build a sound business model that allows their franchisees to offer cost-effective and valuable services to answer to the huge market demand. 

Why Own a Harlem Zen Franchise?

A Franchise System with Validation and Proof of Concept

For a long time now, you’ve wanted to become your own boss. You’ve spent months, even years dreaming, agonizing, and strategizing over making it a reality. 

Harlem Zen also wants you to become your own boss. They know that you’ve heard that phrase one too many times. You’ve probably gone through many franchises telling you about their great products and services and how they are the best in the industry, only for you to be disappointed. 

What Makes the Harlem Zen Franchise Different?

It’s simple really. At Harlem Zen, their goal isn’t to overcomplicate things. They offer a franchise system that’s simple to buy, simple to manage, and simple to rake in profits. 

And that’s why Harlem Zen is a fast growing and successful concept. The business guarantees its franchisees quality systems and world-class support every step of the way. So, if you’re ready to turn your dreams into a reality, welcome to the world of Harlem Zen where doing business is exciting, fun, and profitable. 

Advantages of Owning a Harlem Zen Franchise

  • Laser hair removal is an expensive procedure that requires more than just one treatment; therefore, in the long run, you make more sales. 
  • Both women and men go out of their way to go to Harlem Zen.
  • Hair removal is very effective for those with medical conditions like hormonal imbalances. The procedure helps get rid of the side-effects such as overgrown body and facial hair, thus, restoring a person’s self-confidence. 

Some of the Features that Make Harlem Zen Great are:

  • Low-cost initial investment
  • World-class technology combined with a never-ending commitment to getting the latest, best, and most profitable services and products for their franchisees
  • A turnkey franchise offering, complete with training, site selection, continuous customer support, solid marketing strategies, interior design assistance, post-treatment lotions, treatment machines, treatment room furniture, and interior furniture
  • A proven business model priced and positioned to attract a varied and vast marketplace for women and men. 

For more information on the Harlem Zen Franchise system, visit the corporate site:


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