Green Earth Power Washing Franchise

Green Earth Power Washing Franchise

Keeping America Clean, One Project At A Time

Green Earth Power Washing is a family-owned business that serves the south Florida region. We are available to help with your business and residential power washing needs, having facilities in West Palm Beach, Miami Dade, Tampa, and Broward County.

Since we entered the power washing industry in 1992, we have gained an understanding of the many nuances involved in visual restoration. Green Earth Power Wash is committed to offering superior power washing services to help your property maintain its pristine appearance.

What Sets Green Earth Apart?

We supply the water, the equipment, the professional services and systems designed specifically for commercial pressure washing services.

Our secret to attaining outstanding results with an aggressive approach to stain removal is hot water (200+ degrees). Hot water will remove filth and grime while killing mold/mildew/algae at the source. Cold water wipes away the top material, leaving the spores’ base intact. After cleansing with cold water, the spores instantly begin to regenerate.

We pioneered revolutionary hot water solutions that are more effective at stain removal.

We use cutting-edge technology and equipment to provide outstanding results, allowing your property to look its best. Our equipment uses less fuel while producing plenty of hot water to clean practically any surface without the need for harsh chemicals or detergents.

We are available at any time, day or night, for both urgent matters and specialized events.

Commercial Power Washing Services

We offer commercial power washing services for businesses, such as cleaning public pathways, commercial and industrial properties, athletic events, and shopping malls. We specialize in removing oil stains, gum removal, and graffiti cleanup to give your visitors a clean appearance.

Our services are used by HOA and condo communities to keep their neighbourhoods clean and consistent. Multi-family communities appreciate how safe and welcome the areas we power wash are. We contribute to the beauty and structural integrity of community pools and sidewalks.

We ensure that surfaces such as rooftops, tennis courts, and basketball courts are not damaged by providing a soft washing service for these areas. Because we take such good care to safeguard your tiles, pavers, and wood, the possibility of damage and discoloration is eliminated.

The surfaces of parking garages undergo a lot of wear and tear. We utilize biodegradable degreasers and hot water power washing to remove stains caused by car leaks and excessive traffic. Full water recovery can be provided if water drains are not available.

The same five-star treatment is given to public pathways, sidewalks, medians, curbs, and municipal and government buildings.

Commercial Power Washing Equipment

Green Earth Power Washing has a fleet of cleaning vehicles outfitted with the most up-to-date pressure washing equipment. Our 48-, 60-, and 72-inch surface cleaners are designed to clean sidewalks and curbs simultaneously. This method does not leave unsightly “stripes” on the surface. Green Earth can clean hundreds of feet of sidewalk in minutes!

We can pressure clean in any location since the length of our high-pressure hoses allows them to reach more than 1,000 feet from our vehicles.

Our trucks feature

  • 1100 Gallon Water Tank
  • 350 Gallon Chemical Tank
  • 2 – Honda GX690 3500 PSI Pressure Washers @ 9 Gallons per minute
  • 2 hot water burners that produce 200+ Degree Hot Water

For the larger jobs, we rely on our 24′ flatbed truck

  • 2400 Gallon Water Tank
  • 600 Gallon Chemical Tank
  • 4- Honda GX690 3500 PSI Pressure Washers @ 10 Gallons per minute
  • 2 Hot water burners that produce 200+ Degree Hot Water
  • 2- 48″ Surface Cleaner for Sidewalks
  • 1-60″ Surface Cleaner for sidewalks
  • 24″ Curb Cleaning machine

OSHA requirements are meticulously followed on all jobs, and cutting-edge, well-maintained safety equipment is used. Green Earth machines and equipment are built to our exact requirements.

Professional Commercial Power Washing Staff and Team

Green Earth Power Washing personnel wear corporate uniforms. They are supervised by trained and experienced foremen who pay attention to even the tiniest details while providing outstanding outcomes.

Our liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage are comprehensive and exceed industry standards.

Every employee must undergo random drug testing and thorough background checks and attend monthly safety meetings.

We ensure that our employees are competent and well-trained, as well as professional and courteous.

We send the appropriate number of staff members to every job, regardless of size, to ensure that the work is completed as quickly and effectively as possible.

Excellent Customer Satisfaction

Green Earth Power Wash wants to provide outstanding power washing services that keep your property looking its best. Our mission is to meet all your residential and business pressure cleaning requirements. We will leave your property with an overwhelmingly clean appearance thanks to our many years of experience and talent in restoring and rejuvenating your property’s natural brilliance.

Consultations are always free of charge, and we provide competitive rates. Get in touch to discuss how we can make your property sparkle!

For more information on the Green Earth Pressure Washing Franchise System, visit the franchise site:

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