Get Up and Go Kayaking Franchise Launch

Get Up and Go Kayaking Franchise Launch


Get Up and Go Kayaking Franchise Launch

In the summer of 2016, Justin Buzzi started Get Up and Go Kayaking with a vision of doing something different and disruptive.  At first, the nature lover and adventurer just wanted to provide a great service for people who were looking for something outdoors, fun and innovative.   Quickly though, both the business and he received more and more clients and it was obvious that with the growth in popularity of the clear kayak service, there was so much more opportunity to scale the business and turn it into a stable brand. The UCF graduate with a degree business, specializing in marketing, started to systematically fine-tune the process and build it into a professional service and Get Up and Go Kayaking was born. 

Two years later the business is thriving and the customer responses have been literally incredible. His clear kayak service is a hit with many customers looking for outdoor adventures and the reviews have been unbelievable ( ). Justin has hired several guides to help him deliver the highest level of service to customers as he seeks to take the business to the next level. He is now looking to expand the service to new exciting locations using a new franchise system offer.

Extreme Sports Business with A Unique Value Proposition

The Get Up and Go Kayak Franchise is a unique service that is bound to be a hit with outdoor enthusiasts. It features clear kayaks made of Lexan – the material used for bulletproof glass. The business that is based in Florida, has three exciting locations where outdoor enthusiasts can get to see wild animals as well as spot aquatic creatures through the kayaks that are 100% clear.

The franchisor has also fine-tuned his business to be replicated in other territories across the nation. This includes business processes to maximize profitability, training for guides to put in place safety systems and provide the highest level of customer service, and marketing systems that are cost-effective for entrepreneurs getting started with their own kayaking service at their location.

Support and Training Based on Experience

Operational Support: You’ll get support and training on running different aspects of the day-to-day business. This includes how to handle payment systems, and safety systems to facilitate the smooth running of the business.

Marketing Support: Get Up and Go Kayaking has built a significant online presence and marketing system which has made it easier to attract and retain customers. The franchisor will give you access to this marketing system and train you on how to make the most of it.

Legal Support: you’ll need licensing and permits to set up a kayaking service, but the process is relatively simple and direct. Get Up and Go Kayaking will assist you with all the legal aspects of running this business so that you can quickly set up and start offering these exciting services at your location.

Training Program: The franchisor will have a timetable and a training program that will give franchisees a chance to see firsthand how the business is run on a day-to-day basis from the franchisor location in Florida.

A Reasonable Investment

The total amount needed to start your Get Up and Go Kayaking franchise location is between $53,000 and $87,000 with the average expected to be about $70,000. This includes training fees, utilities, insurance, equipment and the $30,000 training fee. The franchisor is looking for potential franchisees who have great customer service and interpersonal skills and are committed to providing the best service consistent with the culture developed by the franchisor.  This is an incredible franchise marketing system that is a complete market disrupter, offering systems, structure, marketing models and a franchise that completely defines a market, really exciting to see something this innovative come to market.   


For more information on the Kayak Franchise Marketing System, visit the franchise page here:

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