Finelines Auto Repair Franchise Model

Finelines Auto Repair Franchise Model

Finelines Auto Repair Franchise Model


Finelines Auto Repair services is an established Automotive Paint Restoration company that is headquartered in Tampa, FL.  Founded over 8 years ago by Dennis Johnson, Fineline Auto Paint Services understands the importance of combining his twenty years of industry experience with high-quality work and unmistakable craftsmanship.

A specifically designed process developed by Mr. Johnson has proven to be an invaluable service to the automotive industry and the company is currently growing.  With new franchise opportunities available see how investing in a franchise is one of the best investments you can make.


Low Initial Cost to Startup an Automotive Franchise 

Finelines franchises are viable and affordable investments.  The current one time set up fee for a single location costs $15,000. If you have owned your own business before or looking to start a new business venture you can become a franchisee with as little as $24,270 for your initial costs.

By investing in Finelines investment requirements includes all the materials, resources, and training to ensure your franchise will succeed in your designated territory.  The investment fee may range from $24,270 to $45,250.  The average franchisee starts with an initial investment of $34,760.  This number can vary based on your assigned location and territory.  If you already have certain materials such as vehicles, furniture, capital, or equipment you can keep your initial costs low.

To qualify as a franchise owner the franchiser requires individuals with impeccable talents for sales and the drive to succeed.  This is the perfect opportunity for individuals that previously owned a mobile Automotive service.  Investors that have success within large corporations or entrepreneurship are highly desired investors to the Fineline franchise.  If you are a spouse and looking change careers and work for yourself this is a great opportunity to begin.


Automotive Franchise Training and Support

Franchisors succeed because they take the guesswork out of running a business.  The franchisor offers an unbeatable training and support system that will enable you to create a successful business.  Here is what is included when you become a franchise owner:


  • Inaugural Training-Finelines headquarters provides initial developmental training in Tampa, Fl.  This is a one to a two-week course that typically occurs about four weeks prior to your franchise opening date.
  • Field Training- This takes place on-site of your location.  On average this begins after the new franchise is fully operational and running their Finelines franchise. Finelines does not currently provide Phase II of training.
  • Residual Training- As a requirement, all new franchisees are to attend at least one residual training course a year that will serve to share updates as well as refresh the current business model.  Training varies between one or two days.
  • Support is provided in the form of marketing strategies, customer services, and many other important details that will be cover areas such as customer service, marketing, recruitment and other critical factors that help you to run a successful location.


Assigned Locations and Territories that Make Sense for Automotive

A location or franchise territory is generally granted to franchisees to an exclusive market and verified territory.  This is a major strategic advantage by reducing the competition and over-saturating a single market.

 We only offer new territories that meet a population requirement in a given market.  Other facets can potentially be factored in such as the number of homes, registered vehicles, auto dealerships, or the general population per capita. Each assigned territory and locations are designed to sustain a profitable business that equates to the initial with initial startup costs.

We provide exclusive market locations and any other franchisee is not permitted to share a location or territory as not to compete with any other franchisee in that market. 

For more information on the Finelines Automotive Painting Franchise, visit the listing here:




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