EventPrep Franchise Opportunity is Official!

EventPrep Franchise Opportunity is Official!

EventPrep Franchise Opportunity


EventPrep is a full-service, home-based event planning and management company serving clients nationwide. Founded by veterans of the United States military forces, EventPrep has a strong focus on minimizing money, time, and pressure clients experience while planning memorable events. With a home office located in Central Florida, franchisees offer successful and creative solutions for conventions, meetings of any size, trade shows, incentive travel, special events, and many other event types as well. They take care of each factor of the event process, from beginning to conclusion.


Event Industry Continues to Grow in Size and Revenue

Due to many geographical locations, many organizations rely on events to bring members together. Even with today’s online communications, the majority of individuals continue to prefer face-to-face interactions. Events are vital to an organizations health and will continue to be so. For this reason, research has shown that the event planning industry is strong with an expected growth projection of ten-percent through the year 2024. This amazing growth average is larger than all other organizations.

In the year 2015 alone, revenue of more than $5 billion was generated for this growing opportunity. Furthermore, the event planning industry is unique in that only four industry players control 5-percent of that revenue with no dominant market shares for any company within this industry; allowing for great competition opportunities throughout this market.


EventPrep Franchise for Motivated Individuals

At the forefront of this market, EventPrep offers a strong business opportunity for entrepreneurs who are seeking to build their financial future with an ownership of a successful franchise. Through EventPrep, planning as well as management of events is simplified, efficient, and organized for the client. Franchise opportunities from EventPrep are created for professionals who wish to replicate this successful business model, who have great motivation, and who are willing to put in extra effort to ensure the satisfaction of their client.

A globally recognized brand name, EventPrep, have professionals who possess an in-depth in the event industry through decades worth of event planning experience, thus, allowing them to provide guidance and support that is unprecedented in this franchise market. Classroom training is provided at an off-site location prior to operations commencement to ensure franchisees have a full understanding of their business model. Additionally, once commencement has begun, on-site training is provided to support and assist with operations. Ongoing training takes place off-location for a total of up to two days per year to provide updates/refreshers. No costs are incurred from this ongoing training.

With ownership of an EventPrep franchise, you will enjoy in the most favorable hotel commission split of 80/20, unlike the industry standard of only 50/50. Moreover, in contrast to other franchise opportunities who provide you with possible leads only, EventPrep provides you with actual contracted events with the use of their QuickStart program. Start-up fees are minimal, great conversion opportunities, and veteran discount and program.

By choosing to become a franchise owner, you are no longer building a business and future for someone else. The business and future you are now building belong to you! Check out EventPrep and everything they have to offer.


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