Devin Conner – Taking the Franchise Model to the Next Level

Devin Conner – Taking the Franchise Model to the Next Level

Devin Conner – Taking the Franchise Model to the Next Level

Devin Conner is the CEO and founder of West Coast Franchise Developers, a franchise sales, marketing and development firm working with new and emerging franchisors. Now, with almost a decade of franchise experience, Mr. Conner, who lives in Irvine, CA, has worked with businesses of all sizes in all the industries at their different stages of development in the franchise industry. West Coast Franchise Developers, is a full-service franchise consulting agency that takes an existing business from its initial set up and franchise brand development, to marketing and selling of the franchises, Mr. Conner has worked with over 100 brands to support entrepreneurs in scaling their business model through franchising.  

Devin’s vision for WCFD was to create a business model that would provide the resources, support and systems to these franchise brands so they could successfully make that transition to becoming a fully sustainable franchise organization.  Once the system had been developed enough and there were consistent royalty revenues, the brand could afford to hire full-time staff and personnel.  His work began with Franchise Marketing Systems, a franchise development firm based in Atlanta, GA.  In January 2016, WCFD was launched out of Los Angeles, California and today, the business consists of 5 consultants located in California and Colorado.  

Ready to Franchise Your Business?

Franchising is an effective way of expanding a lot of business concepts. And Mr. Conner understands that by efficiently managing the expansion process, a franchise model can be the most profitable business in the world. Devin Conner has designed his consulting firm to work with all types of businesses who want to grow through franchising. 

Mr. Conner offers franchise marketing, as well as sales support, to his clients. This means a more effective and safer way for you to realize maximum returns on your investment from the franchise. Devin, together with his team of consulting experts, will help guide you on the path of creating and selling your business franchise. 

W.C. Franchise Developers has a dedicated team that is great to work with, and they understand all the ins and outs of the franchise industry. Devin Conner and his team have turned businesses into many locations throughout the US in all types of industries and business segments. This has been made possible because of a number of reasons including:

Specialized Franchise Market Knowledge

Franchising is a unique concept and requires a focused effort.  Various legal, strategic, and operational processes are involved. This is where Mr. Conner comes in with his extensive knowledge of the franchise industry. Devin has the background, and the experience to provide businesses with practical advice so that they can make informed and sound decisions, saving you money, time, and unnecessary headaches.

Results Focused Mission

Having assisted many entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level, Devin Conner knows which models or concepts have profitability and growth potential. He will carry out a thorough review of the viability of your business as a franchise, weighing them against your resources and goals. Mr. Conner will assess your business according to a set of criteria which includes its track record, long-term market potential, value to potential franchisees, and its replication ability. 

Helps Franchisors Develop a Strong Infrastructure

A crucial role of a franchise consultant is to help prospective franchisors come up with a solid infrastructure which details particular standards, procedures, and policies necessary to run a successful franchise. Under the guidance of Mr. Conner, the program will not only look good on paper but also work brilliantly in practice. Working with Devin Conner will ensure that you formulate a strategic plan crucial in the launching and implementation stage of your franchise business. 

For more information on Devin Conner and West Coast Franchise Developers, visit the corporate site:

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