Crossroads to Expand Substance Abuse Treatment Nationwide Through New CORLATE Franchise Program

Crossroads to Expand Substance Abuse Treatment Nationwide Through New CORLATE Franchise Program

Crossroads to Expand Substance Abuse Treatment Nationwide Through New CORLATE Franchise Program

PHOENIX – (March 21, 2019) — In 2016, 42,000 people died from overdose-related deaths. Every day, the Crossroads admissions office in Phoenix, Arizona, is overflowing with people who are often camping out overnight on the front lawn to get a place in line to be admitted for substance abuse. Founded in 1960 in Phoenix, Arizona, Crossroads has grown to be one of the largest residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment programs in the United States, serving over 2,500 people each year. Despite the continued work of Crossroads to expand and improve its high quality, successful, and affordable residential and outpatient programs, the organization has come to the point where it recognizes the need for a new approach to address the overwhelming demand for its recovery treatment program. Crossroads is now identifying potential partners for its new franchise model, which will expand the Crossroads substance abuse treatment methodology under a new brand name, CORLATE.

“We operate seven large campuses in Arizona and are working hard to add more. Most of our staff are in recovery ourselves, and we understand the life-saving impact of the work we do,” says Lee Pioske, Executive Director of Crossroads. “However, we have come to the point where continuing to buy or build new campuses just doesn’t allow us to bring our proven formula for long-term recovery and success to the number of people we want to reach. Our new business model will help us expand and grow rapidly, hopefully reversing the tragic trend affecting our country.”

Crossroads is looking for committed partners to bring their substance abuse treatment program to select cities through a franchise model. Each franchisee will receive extensive training and a full menu of support services.

“We will work closely with franchise partners to establish the community collaboration that has proven to be an effective basis for long-term recovery and success,” says Donna Alexander, director of franchise operations for CORLATE. “Crossroads has proven that our treatment program gives clients the skills and confidence they need to transition successfully back into the community as healthy, self-sufficient, sober individuals.”

As Crossroads interviews potential local partners, the organization is approaching this new endeavor selectively, with a commitment to find partners who are looking for a socially responsible investment.

“Specifically, we are looking for partners with a ‘we want to change the world’ attitude,” says Alexander. “We want franchisees who want to make a difference. The passion must be there.”

Franchisees will receive a complete turnkey program, plus the backing of an organization that has helped 60,000 people beat addiction.

“We have done the work, so our partners don’t have to start from scratch,” explains Alexander.

Crossroads will oversee the operations of franchise partners, enforcing a high level of standards, and ensuring that franchise requirements are consistently fulfilled. The organization is currently exploring partnerships in Arizona, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Florida, and Texas. Those interested in learning more about the CORLATE franchise program should contact Donna Alexander, CORLATE director of franchise operations at [email protected].

About Crossroads

Crossroads is an Arizona Department of Health Services licensed residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment program with over 50 years of proven expertise in serving addicted men, women and veterans through the provision of high quality, successful and affordable substance abuse treatment programs. Crossroads is the largest residential treatment facility in the Southwestern region of the United States.

As the addiction issue has grown, including the current opioid crisis in America, Crossroads has also grown to now include our franchise department, CORLATE™. The vision and mission of the parent company has always been to help as many suffering with the disease of addiction as possible, this will now carry on Nationwide with the addition of CORLATE™.

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