Chem Giant Hits Next Level is First Franchise Sale

Chem Giant Hits Next Level is First Franchise Sale

After booming success in 2020, Chem Giant seeks to expand nationally beginning in Texas.

Dallas, TX (May 25, 2021) – Chem Giant, a chemical and detergent manufacturing service, has just signed its first franchise deal.

Bruce Andrews is the first franchisee to sign for a Chem Giant franchise, launching Chem Giant of Dallas this year and targeting to be fully operational by early to mid June.

According to Founder and Owner, Patrick Franco Sr., the match was made during the Dallas franchise trade show. “My son, Patrick Jr., is actually the one who closed the deal,” asserted Franco. “He connected with Bruce and really painted the picture of what it’s like to be a part of our successful brand. The rest is history.” 

The territory will be operated by Andrews and his wife. “We are excited to have Bruce and Kelly on board and look forward to a productive and long term relationship,” said Franco. “This is a powerful team that brings amazing energy to our brand. I couldn’t be happier with our first franchisees.”

Chem Giant operates within a booming niche. The company provides a vast array of products and services for both residential and commercial clients. The detergents that Chem Giants provides are second to none and are delivered in resealable containers, ranging in size from totes to gallons.

Franco believes that this first franchise deal marks the beginning of more growth. “We know that our brand is set apart and expect more franchise deals this year,” asserted Franco.

Chem Giant invites individuals interested in learning more about the available franchise territories to visit their website at 

About Chem Giant

For over 26 years, Chem Giant has been providing chemical manufacturing to El Paso, Texas and surrounding areas. Along  with their in-house manufactured chemical line, Chem Giant is also proud to offer a complete janitorial/sanitation line which includes kitchen supply products which can range all the way from the sink to the soap for the dishes. The company began franchising in 2020. For more information on the Chem Giant services and products, visit To learn more about becoming the next Chem Giant franchisee, visit 

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