Cat Grooming Business Franchise – Who would have Thought!

Cat Grooming Business Franchise – Who would have Thought!

Cat Grooming Business Franchise

With busy working schedules in modern living, it is almost impossible always to have friends at home or even get time to visit. Pets have become man’s natural friends; they give company when lonely. As the market for pets and pet related products continues to grow, City Kitty gives a rare opportunity to invest within the booming subsector. The company is not only well versed but also well positioned to serve growth in the fast-paced market. 


While most people are keen to be the pioneers, it comes with its challenges. Adrienne Kawamura, the founder, and director of City Kitty understands what it means to come up with the idea that has never been tried before. As daunting as it seems, Adrienne was able to actualize the City Kitty idea into reality, bringing out the modern day firm. In the 1990’s, she gained significant ground when she started showing Persian cats at the Cat Fanciers Association shows. Every show earned her money as she embarked on selling cats, something that improved her visibility in the cat shows. She impressed in all ways and got invites from cat grooming services in residential homes.


For the love of cats, she took invites with both hands and enjoyed unwavering support and appreciation that came with every job. As she won two accolades at the national CFA, she was driving to a client’s house when she first thought of grooming salons that specialized in cats. It was a missing component in the 1990’s, and perhaps the only way she could surpass her pinnacles of the cat show arena. She wondered why she could not achieve similar success in the business world, and decided to set up the first ever grooming salon for cats only.


Her idea went further than just creating a conducive environment for grooming cats, as it featured actual spa-like facilities meant to provide holistic care to the pets. The new concept entailed taking care of the cats’ body, mental and spiritual needs, which was neglected at the time. Embracing the need to establish a great brand and unique identity in the market, she adopted a business logo that features a beloved cat she showed called Ret Butler. Ret Butler had the character that made him Adrienne’s favorite and hence carried him everywhere she went. He was fearless and vibrant, a feeling she was keen to instill in her client’s cats.


Other than the professional logo, Adrienne launched the first City Kitty center in Edmonds, WA, which took off and thrived every week. After several months of operation, she was set for a bigger goal- to spread her much-needed services across the country, through the state of the art salons. This time, it was not just about cat grooming but training cat owners on cat related issues such as nutrition, hospice care, habits and serving the pets. With limited resources and time to roll out the concept, franchise models seemed the most appropriate way to achieve the goal within a short period.


She wanted to work with people that owned the business to instill a sense of care and hence maintain high standards while reducing the margin of error. City Kitty is yet to reach its store’s peak, and hence always looking for the right franchisees to blanket the country with the much-needed pet grooming services.


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    Pet franchises seem to always do well. Great industry segment for growth in 2017

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