Bar-B-Cutie – a Barbeque Franchise that Cooks up Profits

Bar-B-Cutie – a Barbeque Franchise that Cooks up Profits

The Bar-B-Cutie business model was founded in 1950 as a way to bring fun, casual and exciting dining experiences to people at a reasonable price.  The great thing about this business model and brand is that the entire history behind Bar-B-Cutie is truly a case of the American Dream.  One where a family saw an opportunity, had a vision and were able to execute on that in starting what was once a small business.  The McFarland family started the brand in 1950 and still today, the McFarland family runs the business with the same passion, excitement and energy around the entire franchise of Bar-B-Cutie. 


Bar-B-Cutie has some of the best barbeque in the land, but the menu has expanded significantly in 65 years to add on some of the most amazing brisket, smoked sausage, ribs, Brunswick stew and other items that will make any customer’s mouth water and have them coming back for more.  The company has been consistently recognized as one of the best in the business over the years ( )


Bar-B-Cutie has established locations in South Texas, Atlanta Georgia, Nashville Tennessee, Ohio and the newest locations will be opening in San Antonio and Pharr Texas.  The 11 operating stores have created a name and firmly established the brand as being one of the best in the business and providing enormous value to the customer.  Strong franchisees and great business relations have helped the brand expand into these markets and support the expansion of the Bar-B-Cutie name.  With the two new stores comes the most recent evolution of the brand and business model which features craft beers and a redesigned store layout and look. 


Bar-B-Cutie has been successful and lasted the test of time due to a strong commitment to focusing on value to the customer and always providing the best possible food combined with an amazing experience each and every time they visit a restaurant.  The franchisees who have joined Bar-B-Cutie have been successful additions to the family because they each believe in and stick to the vision of the company – to be the best bar-b-que franchise on the planet. 


The Bar-B-Cutie franchise offers enormous value to prospective franchise investors with a strong training program, consistent support systems, great branding and great franchise marketing systems, a location support team and a dedicated franchise support group to help franchisees with all aspects of the business.  What has helped the Bar-B-Cutie franchise model be successful has by in large been a 100% commitment to the success of the franchisees, treating each new member like a new addition to the McFarland family.  This dedication to franchisee’s businesses can be felt and seen throughout the system and has certainly played a direct role in strong relationships and successful brand development in the four states where restaurants currently operate. 


If you are a customer of Bar-B-Cutie, the founding family invites you to consider a franchise opportunity with the brand and if you haven’t experienced the food, come see one of the 11 current locations or visit the new locations in San Antonio or Pharr, Texas.


For more information on the Bar-B-Cutie Franchise model, visit here:


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