Alerion Home Care Franchise

Alerion Home Care Franchise

Alerion Home Care Franchise

Alerion Home Care and Wellness solutions is a corporation that seeks to provide assistance and wellness programs to seniors. There are many seniors who cannot access residential senior home care for varying reasons. Alerion provides solutions for these seniors and their family. The company is currently looking for partners to help the brand expand to other regions where the service is in demand.

The company has been providing its services to seniors, people with disability, as well as people with various debilitating conditions. For 20 years Alerion has worked to improve its programs to include personal care services such as cleaning, bathing, laundry, and light housekeeping tasks. Wellness programs include acupuncture, nutritional plans, and fitness programs amongst others.

How is it Different?

Alerion provides a uniquely different service from many traditional home care solutions you’ll find today. The company operates as a lifestyle brand and does not merely offer assistance with simple home care tasks. Wellness programs are tailored to fit the client’s specific health needs and personal preferences. The solutions also include a personal care service available 24 hours a day.

Franchise Opportunities

You can start your own home care and wellness solutions service if you meet the basic requirements needed to be an Alerion franchisee. You need to raise the initial investment, have strong management, sales and customer service experience, be willing to network and work together with the franchisor and ensure that you provide the highest level of service to clients.

Training and Support

Alerion provides exceptional support services to franchisees so that they can deliver the level of service that the company has come to be known for in the last two decades. You will get accounting and legal, operational, and marketing support from experts who have worked to make the business a success. Alerion has a research and development department that will provide useful and relevant new information when it arises.

There is a training program where staff from the company will work with you one-on-one to ensure that you fully grasp the operations of the business. The franchisee will be required to attend the initial one-week training program at the company’s headquarters. This training is meant to get the franchisees acquainted with the business and it will take place between two to four weeks before you can open your business at your new location.

When the business commences, staff from the headquarters will be sent to you to provide the onsite training needed to get you started. There will be periodic refresher courses from time to time. Refresher training will be held twice a year at your location and each training session is expected to last for two days. Within the first year, you’ll have access to business coaches who will come to your site every month for the first six months and bi-monthly for the following months.

Alerion offers tailored home care services and has a range of solutions. Franchisees can expect to benefit from multiple income streams. There are also many territories in America where the franchise is yet to set foot.


For more information on the Alerion service model, visit the Alerion homepage:

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